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Part 14: Pacifist Run - Sector 4

Sector 4

Slightly different things in a few logs.

Tasen Log after the Shredder
Author: Tasen Soldier KE062:MRKS
Subject: Unofficial threat list
So here are the four main threats, as established by my squad and chosen by a healthy balance between voting and arm-wrestling:
1. The “Human anomaly” assimilating so much of our ammunition that she grows her own gravitational field, atmosphere, solar system, and eventually collapses into a black hole. Seriously, have you EVER seen her run out of ammo for that Shotgun? Frightening. Where does she get it all? Is she some crazy pacifist trying to gather our entire ammo supply and never use it? Reminds me of those “Peace Sims” in that one game…

The rest of this log is the same as the violent version.

Tasen Log above the Str6 Security door
Author: Tasen Soldier IY998:PTOS
Subject: Elite Krotera is dead!
Sure, I couldn’t stand the guy, but I never thought this’d happen. I heard the Human anomaly blew Krotera up real good. He’s pretty much the only one important she’s killed – how did she know? Is she ignoring our troops while trying to assassinate our leaders, or was it mere chance? At any rate, she’s a killer in my eyes. She’s no different than the Komato. Then again, it’s not like I wouldn’t kill the Komato who tried to invade our base and take our lives. I can understand the human.