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Part 17: Pacifist Run - Sector 7

Also aside from music updated in the second post, the update art is now in the second post.

Sector 7

Look things are different this time.

Komato Log right at the beginning
Author: Komato Assassin 02384-56102-37456
Subject: -
I would expect a soldier to be more violent. You’ve got some useful abilities, and I think you’d benefit from a little help as well. Keep walking your path and we’ll meet up later on. Look for the teleporter in Sector 9. /Ansaksie

So this was the Log about the Assassin I was talking about, also I have no idea how to say Ansaksie.

Komato Log right before the room you drop into with 3 Tasen Soldiers
Author: Komato Berserker 70960-79456-42645
Subject: Reply: Rogue Assassin
It doesn’t matter if you’re certain that Assassin Ansaksie has turned against some of our, we don’t have time to investigate it now. She’s already deep enough in technology theft and weapons smuggling. Let Asha take care of her.

Tasen Log next to the Armor upgrade
Author: Tasen Soldier HJ232:OBN
Subject: The weak go first
Not to sound indifferent, but we’re out of Scouts here. They were the first to go when the Komato stormed us, and they didn’t exactly have much of a chance. I guess the only people left standing in a while will be Elites… and that Human anomaly. How powerful is she, anyway – and what are her motives? Soldier Vateilika says the Anomaly is not the one who killed Krotera or called for the Komato, but I trust the majority on this one.

Tasen Log after the Komato Ship
Author: Tasen Soldier KG111:PAIE
Subject: Almost there
Dear log book, I’m getting worried. The radio silence is over, but I can’t reach my girlfriend… they say I should wait for the battle reports, but I don’t think I can wait that long. The adults and I are almost at the place where we’ll set up the defense base, and so far we’re all alive. We’ve gathered turrets, supplies and parts of bulkhead doors, to make sure that nothing can get into our base once we set it up. I’m learning how to reprogram turrets to make them fire at Komato rather than the humans. I’ve heard about that “Human anomaly”, and I hope she’ll beat the Komato before they Alpha Strike this place… and I hope no Komato have reached what the Humans call Sector 3, my girlfriend was stationed there when I last heard from her. My friend Vateilika told me that she’s the one who killed Krotera, not the Anomaly… I tried to keep it a secret, but the rest of my group found out. They’re not angry at Vateilika though, instead they want to meet the Anomaly and talk things through with her.