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Part 1: The Festival

While the Intro video (e.g. the one playing before selecting new game) itself still contains spoilers and thus will be posted later on, I can still give you its music.

Anyway let's start a new game

Gi Voiceacting

: I feel before me the one who shall lead our accursed nature to repose.

: That brave stature... it is just as the hunter who is praised in our legends. That hunter shall be known as:

Our Hero for this game. I'm not going to let people name him for this run but don't worry the LP will give you many chances to make up horrible pun names and the like for our minions down the line.

: May the protection of Elrihm be his...

The game opens with Levant playing a tune for the girl sitting right next to him while watching the stars

Mahbu and Lui Voiceacting

Meet Mahbu the female lead of this game

: Levant, you will be a Cocoon master someday.

: After all you are the son of a Cocoon Master. That's the way it is...

Who needs qualifications anyway. Lineage all the way.

: And as a Nagi woman, I will be your bride...

And they are also engaged by nature of their birth. At least they seem to like each other

: But you know Levant...

or maybe not.

Given that this is a JRPG naturally they get interupted. Meet Lui the local watchman. They must have a shortage of adults in this village.

: Lui! This is none of your business, kid. Get out of here!

: I'm not a kid! And besides, this watchtower is my responsibility!

: I have a job! Not like your stupid Cocoon Master, so there !

: Don't be messing around just 'cause tomorrow's the festival. You idiots!

Afterwards he makes a go for it down the ladder as Mahbu is coming for him.

: (*turns to Levant*) Sheesh... I wonder what his problem is?!

Being a kid I suppose.

: Oh, that's right! Some minstrels are coming to the Village Square tomorrow.

: I bet they'll have some great tales to tell. Let's invite Kelmar too. OK?

Kelmar is the childhood friend of both Levant and Mahbu. He is also the village smiths son.

: Well we better get some rest. See you at the village square tomorrow. Don't forget!

And with this we are free to go home. But since we are a JRPG protagonist we do everything else first. Let's talk to the other villagers beginning at the Watchtower.

As you can see the background is prerendered. This is the case for more or less the entire game. Also Levant has good old PS1 tank controls. Let's talk to Lui some more.

So the only watchman doesn't do his job at all. Why does it strike me as a bad idea.

: I don't have time to mess around at the festival like you guys.

: Afterall I'm the watchman!

: I'm not just here to give warning. I gotta be the first to fight if the demons atttack.

: But I bet you can't even understand.

No I really cannot see the advantage in having a kid be the one responsible for defending the village. I'm sorry.

: You still want something?

: Look, the spirits of the dead return on the night before the festival.

: You should just welcome the spirit of your old man who ran off and died.

I think I don't like you.

: I can't stay up talking all night. Gotta get up early tomorrow!

: Go home and go to bed!

So we leave that little jackass to explore the village a bit more. Next Stop the Silk Mill.

Let's talk to the guy hanging out in front of the mill

: Come back tomorrow. Everyone's gone home.

: Tonight's the night we're all praying for our ancestors. Your family is too, aren't they?

: I'm gonna pray for all the silkworms who've helped us here.

: You'd better hurry home, do your prayers, and get some sleep.

We're not doing that yet. So off into the Mill with us.

What happened to your eyes old lady?

: You must hurry home so you can welcome the soul of your father.

: Neglecting their souls invites monsters into your dreams that take you to the world of the dead.

: Hurry home and welcome the souls of the departed.

That's at least a reason to go home but there are still some houses left to explore. So on we go.

Let's talk to the couple.

: We have to pray to the God of the Forest so we'll be safe again this year.

God in this setting seems like an asshole. The souls of the departed as well. Par for the course in a JRPG I guess.

: If only I had a son, things would be much easier.

: Be a good son. Follow in your father's footsteps, and help out your mom.

What now? Shall I run away like my dad or help out my mom? Anyway let's see what his wife has to say.

: You know tonight is the night we mourn for the souls of those swallowed by the forest.

: Even a father like yours became a spirit after he died. You should pay your respects to him.

: Do not stay up late, or you'll have nightmares!

: We have to get an early start tomorrow. Come back some other time.

Two more houses to go before heading home.

: You'll have to carry on your family's legacy sooner or later right? I'm so sorry for you...

Is there something bad somebody hasn't told me yet about being a dude who can summon and control minions?

: Ah if only I was the son of the shopkeeper or something, then I could have seen some of the world outside.

This village has like 20 people in it. If most of them can never leave this leads to some unfortunate implications about their lineage.

: But for me its nothing but laboring in the fields day and night. And raising silkworms ain't easy either.

: We must pray to the Forest God so that nothing bad will happen this year.

: Okay now, You know the spirits are getting restless,don't you?

: You should go home and pray with your mother.

: If you don't get home soon, you could be dragged into the forrest too.

: Don't you pray at your house? Oh, those Nagi women are all the same...

Prejudices how nice...

: Ohhh... your mother Phio, and your father who ran away and met his fate... What are we to do...

One last stop before heading home

: ...the best way to mourn for the dead...

: to eat good food and live life to the fullest!

: When we die, that's it. Don't you think so? It could be your turn tomorrow...

That got morbid fast.

: If we don't do all we can now, our lives will be a waste.

: We appease the soul of the dead and pray to the God of the Forest. Run along home now.

: What about your house? Do you not pray for your departed?

: Misfortune is in store when the spirits of the dead wander.

: Your father may have been a coward, but the dead are dead. You must welcome his spirit during the festival.

: I don't care for their songs, but I can't wait to hear stories of their journeys.

: But I wonder where on earth do the minstrels come from?

Off home now to advance the plot.

The thing in front of us is a save point. I save and move on to talk to Levant's mother.

Phio Voiceacting

: But your father might still be alive out there somewhere, so he won't need our welcome.

At least she stayed positive given that he is a runaway.

: Instead, I prayed to the God of the Forest for his safety.

: Heh heh... I know how forgetful you are. Remember to write important things down before you forget them.

Since we did everything beforehand we might as well go to bed now.

: Good idea. Well then, sweet dreams, my son.

That doesn't seem to be our room at all...

???: Riketz has run away, hasn't he?

???: He's run off you know?

???: It's no use... it seems his heart was stolen by a Nagi woman and he ran off.

???: His son is still so young... too young to become a Cocoon Master.

???: Run away, will you!

That's definitely not our house. Anyway Mahbu comes running towards us.

: What are you up to? Didn't you say we would go listen to the minstrels?

: Kelmar is wating so i'll go on ahead.

And with that she runs off and we run through two more or less identical pieces of forest till we run into Lui.

I would say so.

: The demons will getcha if you hang around here. You are soooo pathethic!

And he runs off. Two screen later we run into a dead end.

When suddenly a man pops into existence

Dream Man Voiceacting(including Aftermath)

: Without the Lion of Parel, Syrus should not have a Cocoon Master...

: So you are the son of the Lion of Parel? Hmm, well now.

: Let's see how you measure up to your lineage...

And with that we are thrown into our first fight against the Dream Man.

We start by giving him a good whack

Which barely did anything. In return the Dream Man starts playing his lute and fades out.

In his stead we now face his dragon minion

who starts with Moonsaulting into us.

Then skewers us.

And for the finish burns us to a crisp.

Our fighting career is off to a good start.

Naturally he taunts us instead of finishing us off.

: Just the son of a coward... Hahahahaha...

I would cry too if I'd been attack by moonsaulting dragons and a scarecrow man in my dreams.

: Aren't you going to go see Mahbu today? Didn't you say that you would?

: They're all waiting for you.

We'll do that but first let's chat some more with Phio

: Oh yes. Here. Its not much, but take it.

: This is all I can do with what I make. But after all, today is the festival.

Sweet. Now then let's get ready to leave this place and go to the festival.

Kelmar Voiceacting

or maybe not.

: There is a thundering noise coming from the forest!

: It's gotta be the demons! Oh no! Mahbu!

: She's gone off to the watchtower all by herself !

That's kinda bad. Didn't we want to meet at the Village square anyway? Silly girl...

: If it really is demons, she could be in danger ! Let's go now!

If there are really demons approaching I kinda doubt she will be the only one in danger but whatever...

There she is. Everythings fine.

Well maybe not.

Ok, definitely not.

The "demons" advance...

the old lady uses some magic

which engulfs both the village and the swarm.

Next Time

We're getting closer to actual gameplay and our own minions.