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Original Thread: Frankensteins first Videogame. Lets Play Jade Cocoon (SSLP)



What is Jade Cocoon?

Jade Cocoon : Story of the Tamamayu is a JRPG for the PSX developed by Genki studios and released by Crave/Ubisoft in the US/Europe in 1998. It tells the Story of the Cocoon Master Levant. Gameplaywise it plays like a mix of Pokemon and Shin Megami Tensei with tank controls e.g. you catch and train minions as well as merging them together to create even stronger beings. However in contrast to the Shin Megami Tensei series the newly created minion isn't a predetermined minion but rather a literal mashup of the creatures used to form it. This is one of the main draws of the game (to me at least) as you can craft both hilariously hideous creatures that are nevertheless strong (and trust me most of them will be this kind) as well as creatures that are strong as well as asthetically pleasing. The soundtrack (which will be linked) is really good in my opinion and additionally the game's main cast is also fully voiced. I will add samples of the voice acting as audio files but unfortunally can´t provide a whole video since my current set up can´t handle video recording.

Are you going to show off all merges?

I'll try to show of as many merges as possible(even if the thread decides not to pursue that path) as well as the 2 uniques minions however given the nature of merges as described above and the fact that there are 171 different minions in this game (even though there are more than a few color swaps) I won't show off all of them.

What about the Eternal Corridor?

For those who don't know, the Eternal Corridor is the post-game area of the game. Seeing how a good deal of minions are exclusive to it (like more than half of them) I plan to show it off. However it isn't possible to actually finish it since it is literally Eternal e.g. it starts looping and just increases monster levels.

How will the Readers be able to participate?

Readers of the thread can suggest on which minions to use, which minions to merges and their names.

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