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Part 13: Revisiting the old places

Last time everyone’s soul left their body and went on a journey. We were also told by Garai Azure that we are the Chosen One of Light who is fated to battle against the Chosen One of Darkness to deetermine the fate of those souls in their new life. For that we need to meet the Nagi Chieftain Ni in the Moth Forest.

For now however we pay visit to the old parts of the forest to see what happened to Koris, Kikinak and the Spider Forest in general after the events in the Spider Forest and Syrus.

Koris himself is neither a statue nor a pixie. He just vanished from his hut. It's interesting to see an outfit similiar to the Dream Man and the Masked boy to the left. The rest of the Beetle Forest is unchanged as well.

Also we can no longer summon Kikinak with our Okarina. Hopefully he is okay seeing what happened to Totoyamu

Onwards to the Spider Forest.

The Spider Forset changed consideribly after our attempt at imprisoning the Divine Tree and us hurting it on the process. It changed from its former yellow/green tone to a red/purple one and all its minions have been replaced by Spider minions.

This is one half of the Spider minions, Nevan. He is also considerably less annoying than his counterpart. He has access to both an elemental attack and the Sleep Spell. Since they come in pairs this can prolong fights alot especially at this point in the game where you can’t go back to Mahbu to heal yourself or your minions and are relying on your items (which you hopefully bought) to get you through this. He also is only catchable at this point in time and any of the Spider minons is a requirement for the second secret minion. Kind of a dick move seeing how you really have no real reason to go back into the forest outside of sheer curiosity at how much you fucked the forest up.

Here is Nevan’s bastard brother Yoalk. He has the same instant death attack that Sherrick has with the difference that he is fucking accurate with it for no real reasons. Adding to that the situation mentioned above and the possibility that you might not have a Tendai Uyaku (e.g. the revival medicine) at hand and you can see how he is kind of a dick. And they come in pairs of two.

Anyway after catching the two of them Levants capture rank went up again.

Here is the changed melody for it.

Capture Melody - Immaculate

Anyway let’s see how the rest of the family is doing starting with Yami.

And thus she vanished. That doesn’t sound good (although I still only take partly the blame for this. It was Jibara’s idea and apparently also fated to happen).

Next up is Yamu.

Lastly there is only Kakayamu left.

And thus ends Mammon’s existence in form of the Forest People

To round things up here are a few tree based fusions since someone wanted to see the abominations that result out of them

Tree + Snake

Tree + Horn Creature

Tree +Bird

Tree + armored Turtle

Next Time

We enter the Moth Forest and try to meet Ni, the Nagi chieftain.