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Part 14: The Moth Forest

Last time we finished our business in the other forest and caught some spiders. Now it is time to get on with the plot and move through the Moth Forest to meet Ni, the Nagi Chieftain at the Temple of Kemuel.

Welcome to the Moth Forest. It has a very tranquil but also sad atmosphere seeing how it is less of a lush forest and more of a ruin of a previous civilisation.

The item on the left hand side is an Excellent Liqour. As for the minion in the top right corner...

Let’s meet our first minion pair of the Moth Forest. Asha and Shulia are magic/speed based creatures of their respective element. You shouldn’t face them with the wrong element as they are going to obliberate you. As long as you have a reasonable strong minion of the opposed element (preferable physical) though you can oneshot them. Both minions have the strong single target spell of their respective element (Asha has Agnia and Shulia has Maltia).

After catching one of each we move along on the path.

Along the path we meet another minion pair of the forest. This time they are of the Ogre variant. One spawns on the road itself while the other came from the room with the chest on the left.

Both Raddlechu and Radtodon are reasonably balanced minions that slightly edge towards phys. Attk./Def in their growths. Raddlechu is the more dangerous one for me personally as he poisons your minion via the poison spell as seen above. Radtoton is an enemy of the annoyance variation as he is able to heal himself making the fight against him one of exhaustion if you minions aren’t particular strong.

Once again we catch them and move to the left room to open the chest with the key we have left from the spider forest.

Nothing new is found in this chest. Still healing items are nice in case you get in a pinch. We leave the room and go forward on the path right across this room.

While we can’t see any of them currently (as it ambushed me in the transition) this is the place where the final two minions of this forest spawn.

Raddreg and Patbaron are basically the Water and Fire version of Terfrayd and Mardreg. Both are pretty strong and fast. They also both come with their respective elemental attack including a +Power attachement.

For the last time in the forest we’ll catch new minions and then move on to the northeastern path.

We currently don’t have another Skeleton key at hand so we will have to come back later to get the chest. Otherwise we find only another spawn for the dog minions here.

Thus we head back to the plaza and take the northwestern way this time.

At the end of the unnecessary long path into a dead end we find a familiar face. Let’s see what this Poacher has to offer.

: Hey there, kid!. Gimme all yer white cocoons!

: Hand them over now, and I won’t kill ya.

: Oh, you wanna do it the hard way? You’ll regret it!

And thus we fight another poacher. First turn he summons his minion.

Which turns out to be another minion of the goat family. They are still strong but even if you have no Air minions on hand (like myself) you still outnumber the enemy 4 to 2 and have access to items. So the fight goes as expected.

This is what Agnia looks like.

And after a couple of rounds we vanquished the Goat and the Poacher looks at the ground.

: Maybe I should just retire... See ya around, kid.

Since we are such a nice guy we let the guy that threatened to kill us go into retirement from poacherhood.

For our troubles we get another key. That will surely come in handy. Anyways to advance further into the forest we’ll return to the place where we caught the Ogre minions and advance on the straight path.

We find a spacious place with a dried out fountain at the end of the path as well as another spawn for the Asha/Shulia pair. We move straight ahead for now.

Another split in the road or to be more precise two ruins of old huts. We investigate the left one first.

The Whistler is another Spear weapon for Levant. Seeing that it lowers our speed it isn’t really interesting for us as we get nothing out of Levant killing minions and thus it makes having a high attack worthless.

We leave this hut and move into the one north of it.

We find a large room with a couple of minions in it.

While fighting those minions Sheragni hits level 13 and grows once more.

This room contain one spawn for the ogres and two spawns for the seashell minions. The item to the right is another Great Walnut. We defeat the minions and go straight ahead.

We arrive at another minion filled room with the prize of our investigation leaning to the wall.

While fighting in the previous room both Rigfrayd and Arlazu hit level 13 as well.

Upon closer inspection the wall at the end turns out to be a mural showing parts of the Legend of Alcana we heard from Poto back in Syrus. In particular it shows the meeting between the Lady in the Forest and Prince Menek of Gehena Pale.

Anyway we pick up the Skeleton key and retreat back to the chest we couldn’t open before.

For our trouble we get stat oils for Speed, Magic Attk. and Magic Defense.

Back to the plaza with the fountain we move along the road to the right of the fountain.

While fighting the Asha minion seen in the picture above it dropped this weapon. It has a chance to poison the enemy you are fighting but otherwise the same stuff applies that I already said about the Whistler e.g. Levant doesn’t benefit from killing minions.

Before heading past the big stonewall by inserting the Pupa key we’ll check out the path to our left.

We find a bunch of ogre minions and a chest we can’t open since we lack a Skeleton key.

First off we check out the path to the left.

Levant might obscure it but we pick up the last Skeleton key is this dead end. So we double back towards the chest we just found.

Urya’s Blessing lets Levant cast Deva spells.

The Sparrow Ruff increases speed while only marginally decreases our Magic Defense. Thus it’s immediately equipped on Levant.

A nice thing about this part is that like back in the Dragonfly Forest there are no minions to be found on the path you can only access by unlocking a door.

Anway once you enter the phallic chaped building you cannot go back to any other forest. Make sure you have caught everything you may need before advancing although your options are limited since you cannot refill cocoons due to Mahbu turning into a fairy.

: This earthly smell... It seems so familiar... though I know I’ve never been here myself.

: This must be a memory from a past life... Well, let’s open the gate...

: Hold my cocoon up high before the gate. I think that should work... Well, give it a try.

And thus the road behind us closes.

I wonder where we are. These three doors are pretty omnious.

: I feel the presence of the Chieftain from the middle hall... Let’s go.

Meet Ni, the Nagi Chieftain or how I like to call him Mr. Exposition.

Ni, Ra and Mu Voiceacting

: I shall open the door. For I am the incarnation of Mephacese, Gatekeeper of Time. You may call me Ni.

: When the four Divine Barriers have been opened, the power of light and darkness shall usher in the Time of Gathering.

: The guardian deities of light and darkness shall be guided by the Twin Dragons of Kemuel, and the Kumari and Kaya Gates shall open.

: ... the Beasts of Divine Power shall be freed from their curse and achieve tranquility.

: And the beasts of knowledge shall gain the fruits of new knowledge.

Like do not piss off a god maybe?

: But it is the fruit that bears the seeds of admonition.

: And we sent her to Syrus to confirm the rebirth of the Chosen One. The midwife I speak of is Garai.

: The Prophet Gi spoke, “Craft a ring from the Tears of Reese and place it on the baby who arrives.”

: “ The ring shall begin to glow when the Chosen One is born.” We have been wating for that time.

: Lust was the first. The forbidden love of the divine spirit and the beast of knowledge.

: And then, the birth of the Twins who possessed divine power.

: We gained love from the ordeal of lust, but at the same time, we came to know doubt...

: The divine power of the Twins was divided into light and darkness. That was the first seed of adminishment.

: The seed took root, forcing the Nagi out of their village. That is when they began their quest for the Promised Land.

: Greed was the second ordeal It began with the love between Alcana, the beast of divine power, and Menek, the beast of knowledge.

: The love between Alcana and Menek gave birth to the doubt of the masses.

: Divine silk was used in an attempt to conquer doubt and save love.

: But it did not work. King Karis, the Chosen One of Darkness, was dominated by greed.

: Light was torn from greed and became misery. And so was born the beast in our hearts.

: The minions of the forest... The beasts in our hearts... This is the second seed of admonishment.

: We named the child the Ray of Hope. Of course, it is Mahbu of whom I speak.

: The birth of Mahbu signifies the reincarnation of Menek and Karis: the light and the darkness.

: As foretold by the prophecy, I sent Garai outo on her journey with Mahbu.

: You indeed are the Chosen One of Light who was led here by the Ray of Hope...

: Your power is needed to provide physical vessels to the spirits that wander through space and time.

: The Chosen One of Darkness has already passed through the Kaya Gate. Now he awaits you.

: You must pass through the Kumari Gate to reach him.

: You shall use the keys of the four Divine Barriers to summon the crystal for your first ordeal.

: Now the second ordeal awaits. You must venture into the Beetle Forest of the Netherworld.

: You must save Mahbu by gathering all four jewels and defeating the Chosen One of Darkness.

Netherworld, Collecting jewels and defeating the Chosen One of Darkness. Are you sure this game wasn’t supposed to star a certain fellow in green clothes?

: O Chosen One of Light, you must make haste.

: Consult with me to clear your uncertainties.

: Come to the Chamber of Purity if you ever require purification. Go through the blue entrance on the left.

: Come to the Chamber of Goods to replenish your supplies. Go through the green entrance on the right.

: You can purify and merge minions, as well as buy weapons and supplies.

So after all this is anyone still awake? Let me summarize what Ni just told us.
We are the reicarnation of Menek and Mahbu is the so called Child of Destiny they named the Ray of Hope. It is our fate to finish 3 more ordeals after the ordeal of solitude (e.g. finishing all 4 forests on our own). Then we have to step through the Kumari gate to face the Chosen One of Darkness to determine what happens to the souls that wander around as well as what the third seed of admonishment will be. Ra and Mu are going to replace Mahbu and Yajako/Karla while Ni himself takes the role of Garai.

Next time we will look around in the Temple of Kemuel and then move onwards to the Beetle Forest of the Netherworld.


Here is what the Tree/Snake/Spider minion would look like.