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Part 9: Kikinaks past

Before heading into the Spider Forest we pay another visit to Kikinak to hear his story. For him to completely tell us his backstory we have to defeat him an additional 5 times. However he hasn’t grown any stronger so it isn’t really a problem to defeat him.

To fight Kikinak again you have to summon him with the Ocarina he gave you, at the place where you fought him the last time e.g. beyond the gate in the Dragonfly Forest.

On my way there I stumbled upon a certain sight

Once you outlevel minions enough they tend to run away from you and cower in fear.

Anyway, back at the last place of combat I play the Ocarina and Kikinak appears

: Hee hee... I felt it. The proof of our friendship. Well, shall we begin?

So this time I actually fought him with Terchu our Fire/Earth minion from back in the Beetle Forest to see how he would fare against Kikinak. Given that he was also lvl 8 it turned into a slaughter showing clearly that I’m possibly overleveled or Kikinaks weakness to even half Fire beasts is really huge. Kikinak died once again to 2 Fire Attacks. Then again Fire Attacks can and will miss against Kikinak every now and then making spells overall a better choice against him.

: Well then, perhaps I should thank you by telling you about myself...

: The story brings tears to those who hear it, and even to those who tell it. I sure hope you brought some tissues.

: I was once an agent of Elrihm. That is to say, I was a divine spirit. Understand?

: Elrihm entrusted us divine spirits with bringing life to the forest.

: We created man, other life, everything that lives.

: So what do you think? Pretty good, eh? Do you like me more now?

: I’ll save the rest for next time. Well, see you later..

After he flew away we played the Ocarina once again and defeated him once more.

: You see, it was fun creating life and all...

: But unfortunately, we got so bored with it. We totally ran out of ideas...

: So we decided to create a thinking creature like us. It would be someone we could play with.

: Great idea, huh? I know, I’m so smart!

: But that guy Elrihm grew angry with us.

: Apocryphal, he said. You must promise, he said. He got so annoying, you know...

: And then guess what? Hehe, you wanna know? Well, we’ll leave it for the next time.

After kicking his ass again we get another part of the story.

: The result was you, the beasts of knowledge.

: In other words, we are your true parents.

: Later however, it gets so bad... We shouldn’t have made any promises, you know...

: Huh? What promise? Hehehe, you wanna know? Let’s leave that for next time.

By now you know the drill: Summon him and defeat him.

: We promised we wouldn’t fall in love with the beast.

: I thought it was so stupid. I mean, who could fall in love with the beasts they made?

: But, you know... Girls can be so cute. I have good taste, in women you know?

: The result is what you see right here, a mere shadow of my former self. Then again, this is fun too, you know.

: Come back again! Next time I’ll have something for you.

So one last time we summon and defeat him.

: Can’t blame ya... The wandering Bird Man of freedom and adventure...

: I’m just too exciting for a country boy like you.

: What? I didn’t promise you anything... Hey, I’m joking!

: Take this. It is a very special item. Use it as you please.

The Special Liqour is a full HP Restoration (e.g. both health and Mana) for your minions. I wouldn’t call it special though as I found several while leveling creatures.

: Let’s fight again! I’ll always be your sparring partner. After all we’re friends right?

: Well, see you later...

And that is Kikinaks story. When going past the place we fought for the first time (and every other bout) we end up in front of the other teleporter of the Dragonfly Forest.

We pick up the Warp Amulet and are done. Next time we are exploring the Spider Forest.

Readers Participation

Given how no one voted on any merges I went ahead and created some myself. Which of the following creatures (old and new) should accompany me into the Spider Forest? You can vote for 3.

Rigfrayd (Earth Physical Creature/Riggu + Terfrayd)
Terbeco (Earth/ Magical Creature/Teralco + Terbeker)
Masalco (Air/ Magical Creature/ Maskhira + Hiralco)
Bumblebee (Air /Physical Creature / Hiralco + Skaeeb)
Agnispam (Fire/ Magical Creature/ Patash + Pataimel)
Arhamae (Water/ Allrounder/ Arpahambu + Ojiae)
Mukma (Water/ Allrounder / Mukhambu + Ohma)
Terchu (Earth-Fire/ Physical Creature/ Terfrayd + Patalchu)
Deep Blue (Water-Air/ Physical Creature/ Skaeeb + Ohma)