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Part 8: A tale of the Forest Man

Last time we finished our business with Kikinak so now it’s time to report to Garai.

: We must go report this to the Chieftain at once.

: Although this confirms the existence of the Calabas...

: ...this is not enough to save the entire village.

: You have no choice but to believe what that Bird Man said and venture into the Spider Forest.

Yeah, no luck with the powder we already have. Since we have to go into the Spider Forest one way or another let’s see what Garai can tell us about the Forest Man.

: If we can believe Kikinak, then it is true that the Forest Man has become the fallen spirit Mamon, as told in Nagi legend.

: Mamon was an agent of Elrihm who drowned in material greed.

: This so angered Elrihm that he punished Mamon by transforming him into a hideous form.

: It is said that Mamon was commanded to live the rest of his existence as the keeper of the Divine Tree.

: If Kikinak is the divine spirit Amos who indulged in lust, then...

: ...then Yamu, the Forest Man must be the divine spirit Mamon who indulged in greed.

: Perhaps there is more about Yamu in the folktales of Syrus.

: The old gravekeeper Poto may know something. Why not ask him about the folktales?
: You must go to the Spider Forest and find Yamu, the Forest Man.

: Much treachery lies ahead in the Spider Forest. Tread carefully.

Well Poto has another story for us. For now we say goodbye to Garai and talk to our wife.

: Huh? Oh, its nothing... I was just wondering, that’s all.

When we try to leave, Mahbu stops us.

: It’s hard to talk about it with Garai right here. Let’s go outside.

: Go on ahead. I’ll be right out...

We leave and are automatically railroaded to the Watchtower.

: We used to be able to talk about everything. It’s strange isn’t it...

Let’s start by asking about Mahbu’s relationship to her mother in law.

: She’s really kind to me, and she might just be worried about me... but, I’m sorry, I just can’t stand it at all.

: Mother Garai may understand how she feels... But I sure don’t...

: And then he just got up and left her... because he couldn’t stand to watch her suffer? How cruel!

: But why, even after all of that, does she still love him? Are all women like that?

: I can’t say this in front of Mother Garai, but I really don’t agree with that at all.

: No matter what happens, don’t worry about me. Do your duty as our Cocoon Master.

: Just don’t run off like your father...

Let’s ask about Mahbu’s opinion about our dad although looking back it’s probably not going to be pretty

: I heard the story of the day he said goodbye to your mother.

: I heard that he was a kind man who always protected her...

: The cursed brandings are a painful experience for a woman.

: But that’s why I need you here with me.

: To your mom, your father’s departure might have been an act of sympathy. But I don’t agree. I would have felt betrayed.

: We’re both in this together, so please stay here as the Cocoon Master of Syrus.

Lastly, let’s ask her about herself.

: It’s just that... there’s so much going on right now, you know?!

: Why do we have to have so many rules and traditions? There’s just no escape.

: I know some people hate the Nagi. But, I’m an individual. I won’t run away from them or anything, just because it’s hard!

: I might have married you because I’ve had to, but I would never, ever leave you!

: I know now’s not the time to be worrying about these kinda things. But... it’s just that...

: I never get to see you anymore. If only things were different...

: I’m sorry... I don’t even know what I’m trying to say...

: Oh, I almost forgot. Take this. You’ll probably need it.

Now we are free to explore the village once to see what has happened while we explored the Dragonfly Forest. We’ll start at home.

Let’s take a look at the Nagi Belt we got from Mahbu.

Now let’s talk to our mother.

: Tell me if there’s anything I can do for you.

: We talk about things like the Nagi, life, your father and me... But maybe I am just bothering her.

: She probably doesn’t need both Garai and her mother-in-law looking over her shoulder all day long.

: I wanted to let her know that there are many ways to express love for another...

: Your father and I wanted to preserve our type of love, even if it means breaking tradition... don’t you see?

: In time, perhaps you and Mahbu too will understand.

: True “purification” is achieved when your two hearts come to beat as one.

: More than anything, I do not want your marriage to fall victim to tradition or your sense of duty.

So much for her relationship to Mahbu. Let’s see if we can get some more answer about our dad.

: On that final evening, your father said to me:

: “No matter how long I uphold tradition as Cocoon Master and cure much evil in the world,”

: “ I believe that true purification must also cure the one I love.”

: “If Elrihm is the true God, then the answer must lie in the forest.”

: Once there, I shall unlock the key to true purification, and will then return to your side.”

: As a Nagi, I was raised to believe that I would never have a choice in life. I accepted my fate no matter how awful it would be.

: But upon hearing your father’s words, a sense of peace settled upon me, the likes of which I had never felt before.

: Right then, I felt liberated from fate and tradition.

: For the first time in our lives, we are doing something for just ourselves.

: I will never perform another purification without your father by my side.

: I have decided to wait for him.

: Perhaps you and Mahbu will one day find true purification.

: Live for each other, not for anyone else.

Time to say goodbye to our mother for now.

We still need to get a reward for relaying the message to Kelmar, so let’s pay the Blacksmith a visit.

: Grownups always know what kids are up to.

: Thanks for helping me protect the fool.

: I can’t believe Kelmar has such a good friend.

: This is a token of my thanks! Take it!

The Lifestealer does excatly what you think it does. It converts a part of the damage done by Levant to Health.

Anyway Yajako has a few new wares to check out.

The Iron Sword gives a bit more power but screws us speed wise. The Little Bird is weaker than the Sword of Speed we have currently equipped but increases our speed by 8 points more than it. It also raises our mag. Attk. In case we ever need to use the seals.

The Silver Vest is an all around upgrade to our Plate Mail Vest whereas the Divine Vest increases our defensive stats a bit more but does nothing for our speed.

The Silver Headband raises mag. Attk. and mag. Def. at the cost of speed.

When trying to leave the Blacksmith the backdoor opens and his wife enters.

Ada and Yajako Voiceacting

: I heard about those awful rumors going around at the silk mill...

: They say Phio and Mahbu aren’t getting along. It’s not true is it?

: Don’t you pay attention to what they say!

: Hey shush, honey! You’re being rude! Hehehe....

: That’s none of our business! I can’t stand it when she spreads rumors like this Oh, women!!

: What are you talking about!

: It’s because you men are so undependable! You’re always driving us crazy!

: See? Everytime you open your mouth you’ve gotta bad-mouth me!

: Levant, wait!

: I was only trying to help. Please take care of your mom and Mahbu!

: Don’t grow up to be an insensitive fool like this big guy!

We haven’t seen Ada the last time we visited so let’s see if she has anything to add.

: Protect her well. You are her man after all!

: People may be saying things about your family, but don’t listen to them. It’s all nonsense.

: Phio is such a good person... Riketz knew that well.

: But I mean really... men aren’t honorable like they used to be! What are we women to do?

: They are just so unreliable!

Seems people really like to critizise and gossip about their only hope for salvation. Before heading into the silk mill again let’s see if the Town Shop has anything new to offer.

: The Cocoon Master’s silk is of such high quality. I really like it.

: And Mahbu looks so womanly now. It must be those beatiful clothes.

: Oh... She hasn’t stopped by yet today…

: But she certainly looks so pretty nowadays doesn’t she. Did she change her makeup?

: Or perhaps it’s because she has someone to love her. I envy you two, really I do...

You have a son. Given this village I highly doubt there are divorce proceedings so I would guess you should have a husband as well.

: By the way, thanks for being nice to my son.

: You see, our family moves around a lot...

How can you operate a store then?

: ... so it’s hard for him to make friends.

: I hope you get along with him.

: He’s not here now, but...

: ... maybe he’s seeing the Old Gravekeeper, or the minstrels at the square.

Fine Liqour is an updgrade to the Shab Liqour and used to heal minions. Ikari Powder heals petrification.

: Oh yes... Next time please ask Mahbu about the Nagi fabric.

: We’d like to go to the Nagi village and buy it ourselves...

: But you know, the elders keep it’s location secret.

: Come again anytime!

Time to head into the rumor mill, formerly known as the silk mill.

: But then again, looks like you have more important things to do first.

: Just imagine those abominations eating one another... It’s the end of the world I tell ya.

: I bet there are monsters right here in the village.

: I hate living like a herd of cattle.

: It’s not so bad for old folks like us. Our time is almost up anyway. But I pity you youngsters...

: Dreaming until death... Why does Elrihm test us so...

: That’s enough now! So sorry about that...

: But try to understand how she feels.

: Hmph...

And so we enter the den of rumors once again.

: I was doing some shopping yesterday at the town shop, that girl came in to sell some silk.

: She was wearing far too much, which I thought was strange, so I keep an eye on what she was doing.

: And then...

: Really now! How discourteous. You might get cursed too, you know.

: And then we’ll have nothing to do with you! I’m not going to die, thank you!

: You’re just saying that! You really do want to know, don’t you?

Or perhaps such vulgar talk does not suit your highness?

: Oh stop teasing me! Well? What did you see?

: When she showed the silk thread, i noticed a faint pattern imprinted on her arm.

: It must be all over her body now...

: Those are the cursed brandings. All who perform purification ultimately go mad, they say.


: So that means Mahbu will become like a demon, too eh?

: So that’s why Riketz ran off...

: He must have really been in love. It’s so enviable, yet sad...

: Enviable? I’m sorry! I’d rather stay alive thank you!

Let’s go and talk to them directly.

: So? When will the men of the village awaken?

: We must do something, or the whole village will be done for.

: If there are no men left in the village, who will tend to the mulberry fields?

: Tell your mother to do some work once in a while.

: She doesn’t even show her face here anymore. What is going on in your home?

Can’t say I blame her with you gossiping around the whole day.

: Stop standing around and get back to the forest!

: Wives and mothers-in-law are all the same, even when they’re Nagi.

: What’s that look for? So you don’t trust me? Well I never! Here I am trying to teach you something...

: It looks like your mom isn’t coming today. What happened?

: So... when will you awaken my husband?

: But if she isn’t feeling well, maybe you shouldn’t have her go out so much.

: I mean, maybe your mother could do the shopping instead...

: Maybe it’s none of my business, but nobody likes to be cursed. You take care, now ok?

: My son has been reduced to a mumbling fool. He was our pride and joy...

On that note we leave the silk mill and head over to the watchtower.

: Kelmar hasn’t come by yet today. If you want somethin’, lemme know okay?

: Hey, Levant! So your’re back. Well? Did you meet the Bird Man?

Let’s first talk to Lui though before scolding Kelmar on not telling us of his connection to Kikinak.

: I don’t know about purification, but you’ll turn into a demon too, you know! Haha!!

: All the women of the village have been gossiping about you guys lately.

: Don’t know the details cuz I hate that kinda stuff.

: Mother Garai and Mahbu are still doing okay, right? Well I guess they should be, but…

: I’ve been hearing some weird stuff at the mill and the square... I can’t really make sense of it though...

: The divine barrier has been broken. And that’s how come the demons started to attack the village.

: That’s scary enough, but then there’s me and Kikinak.. Hehe.

: Please don’t tell my parents... Okay?

: Going into the forest without their permission is bad enough... If they found out I’m friends with a demon...

: Oh yeah, yeah, did Kikinak tell you all about himself?

: All that stuff about gods and fairies!?

: He’s fun to listen to. But I suppose you don’t have the time.

I always have time to listen to Kikinak.

: He’s always bragging like that.

: Yeah… I guess so...

: Of course! Don’t you think so Levant?

: Everyone has changed since that chaos brought on by the Onibubu... Of course, no one wants to die.

: That’s why they sent a Cocoon Master into the forest, right?

: And Mahbu is risking her life to purify the demon curses. I know it’s for the sake of the village but...

: I hear the demons’ curse can warp a person’s heart.

: Maybe what really needs to be purified is our own hearts though.

Let’s round up the other villagers next. We’ll start at Nam’s house.

: Aren’t you worried about your health? Oh no, it’s not that you look bad or anything. It’s just that, that curse is so scary...

: The Spider Forest? Even the poachers stay away from there. I heard it’s terrible...

: Having problems at home, eh? All the women in the village are talking about you...

: Wives and mothers-in-law are the same everywhere. Women are so...

Onwards to Musa’s house.

: There are already enough diseases going around. Is Mahbu okay? It ain’t contagious, right?

: I knew it! That’s why terrible things are happening... It’s be cause there are three nagi in the village...

: Damn it! Gimme back my son!

: We might as well just burn that forest to the ground, and all the demons with it!

We leave Musa and his sorrow and move on to the Village Square to see what the minstrels have to say.

: Tradition says there shall only be one Nagi in the village... But there are three here.

: And they say misfortune shall surely come to any village that breaks with tradition.

: It’s as if Syrus troubles were predestined.

: Perhaps it all started when you accepted that Nagi wanderer into the village.

: Speaking of which, do you know this song?

: At first the beginner is an Apprentice. But soon he becomes a Novice.

: Little by little he becomes more Adept. And countless number of minions does he trap!

: Training and improving till he becomes a Immaculate. Until finally he is known as a Hero among Cocoon Masters.

: It’s a long way, but someday he shall become a Champion and a Vindicator, and then a Conqueror!

: It is a song telling all about a Cocoon Master. Do you understand?

: Well it’s all about devotion I suppose.

: Listen, you know what the Nagi women’s power of “purification” really is do you not?

: Purification is really just another word for “exorcism”. And once the curse is released from the demon...

: ... the evil is imprinted upon the body of the one perfoming the purification. These scars are known as cursed brandings.

: Rumors say that those who purify not only receive the demons’ curses, but eventually they too are transformed into demons!

: I have also heard that in other villages, some eventually went mad from the purification ordeals.

: In time, your wife too shall face such a day.

: Curses do not just evaporate. The evil must be atoned for in some way... Such are the cursed brandings...

Seems like Mahbu really got the worst kind of fate. You must marry a Cocoon Master and then suffer endless amounts of pain till you die or go mad. It’s a surprise this has worked for so long especially seeing how the Nagi are pretty much hated in the village.

Let’s see how the sick are doing at the chief’s mansion.

: The God of the Forest has given us this ordeal...

: I think we are being tested to see whether or not life is worth living...

: Look at them... How tranquil are the faces of the sleeping...

: While the faces of we who remain are twisted with fear and doubt. Ironic, I should say...

: The villager’s agitation is the spirit of defeat they have...

: A heart overwhelmed with fear breeds all manner of terrors. You must be on your guard.

Depite what Garai said we cannot see the Chieftain right now. So let’s gather some information on Yamu by visiting old man Poto. But we meet Kupid when arriving at the Cemetery so talking to him comes first.

: Did you come to hear some folktales? Or has the latest news been bothering you?

: I heard a little from Mahbu.

: Seems she isn’t getting along so well with your mom.

: I understand what that’s all about...

: People’s feeling can somtimes make things so difficult.

: So what do you think about Mahbu? You feel sorry for her? Yeah right!

: The only one she should depend on is herself...

: Pretending to feel other than how you really do is just trouble... The fact that you mean well makes things even worse.

: Aren’t relationships a pain?

: Rumors are the same no matter where you go. Soon after being told, they take on a life of their own.

: I mean, Old Man Poto’s folktales are pretty far-fetched, right? But that’s why they’re so good!

: Telling good stories is fine and all, but I don’t like it when people spread lies about others...

: Don’t worry. Mahbu will be okay. She’s tough. I mean, she’s had to struggle every day of her life.

: So she depends on you, huh? Well, I wouldn’t mind a girl feeling like that towards me.

: You know it’s so reassuring to have someone to talk to.

: Being a merchant’s son, I’ve moved around so much. It’s been so hard making friends.

: Maybe it’s my personality. There’s not much I can do about that...

: But, you know, I feel fine just the way I am.

We’re on the finish line. Just Poto left.

: She’s always been strong-minded, more than any other child in Syrus...

Tale of the Forest Man

: The Forest People are the incarnation of Mamon, the divine spirit of knowledge.

: But man use his knowledge for the pursuit of ruin.

: In the end, Gehena Pale was destroyed because Man aroused Elrihm’s wrath.

: In order to prevent the mortals from causing further destruction, to this day he lives in the forest protecting it from the foolish ways of man.

: If you act not in destructive ways, surely Mamon shall bestow upon you valuable knowledge .

: We are in good hands with you as our Cocoon Master.

: I’m afraid something terrible will happen.

Next time

We dive into Kikinak’s history before heading into the Spider Forest.