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Part 18: The Final Ordeal and the Chosen One of Darkness (Part 2)

Last time we finished all the optional stuff in the Spider Forest of the Netherworld e.g. catching all the minions and fighting the Earth Boss in his optional locations. Today we’ll merge our endgame team and kick the asses of the Earth Boss (and his minion this time) and the Chosen One of Darkness. But first of all we have to get out of the forest.

Obviously we use our trusty Hunter Earring we acquired quite early in the game for our emergency exit.

Onwards we go to Ra for our last merging adventures of the main game.

Dogpara and Jirahl form our endgame water minion, an unholy combination of power and speed with an Elemental Attack with the Critical property. It kinda looks like a prototyp insane sheep from Catherine to be honest.

Next up is our faithful fire aligned dog minion who has a run in with Carmine the resident snake minion. Together they form Snakedog. As with Jipara before he has the biggest attack score out of our minions (50 at lvl 20) and good speed (39 at lvl 20) as well as the usual Elemental Attack with the critical property as has became standard.

Our air aligned dog is unchanged since there is no minion in the main game that has the combination of Elemental Attack + Critical for purely air creatures. Still it’s not like he needs it to be effective.

Our cyclops turtle meets the Dragonfly Eel as well as Noobwee to become this lovely creature further building on its own strengths and adding the winning combination of Elemental Attack + Critical.

Lastly our fellow water minion gets combined with Robun to give him a fairly great skillset although it’s not enough to outperform the newly formed Jipara (that’s how strong the newly acquired minions are).

We take the first three creatures with us and crawl back into the Spider Forest of the Netherworld.

Finally it’s time to head towards the Divine Tree so we slip past the former barrier...

...into the second part of the forest.

In one of the deadends we find a use for our Skeleton Key although it reveals nothing of value to us (I had like 10 of all these items stacked in my inventory for a good amount of time).

After a short treck through this part of the forest we’ll arrive before the Divine Tree. This is obviously the point of no return so if you still want to merge creatures, buy items or level up this is the time to do it. We however are as prepared as we need to be so we proceed.

Thie Divine Tree still stands in his majestic phallic shape in thr background.

Earth Boss Voiceacting

Totoyamu appears and chastise Mankind once more for their selfish desires.

Before he turns in Mahbu...

: I suffer everytime I perform a purification for you... Both my body and my soul...

: For the sake of the village? For the forest? How stupid...

: What are you fighting for?

: A forgettable boy who can only play the flute.

: Do you really love me? Am I more important than ther village? Or the forest?

: I hate grownup women... I don’t want to be like your mother...

: And I hate boys too... I hate them... I hate them all.

: Don’t you dare grow up and leave me...

And Mahbu turns into the Earth Boss.

: Thou art nothing but a boy... And I have a firm grip on the darkness in her heart.

And here we are in the mandatory boss battle against the Earth Boss in all its glory. As with all bosses before this one, Deva Ulvi is in effect during the whole fight.

His minion is a giant Torso creature called Delfanel.

As for its attacks it has the boss only earth spell as seen above...

He also likes to stomp on you for huge damage (if it hits, which it has a tough time against speedy minions like our dogs).

Lastly he can also turn you to stone with a bite attack, which, like with all bosses, is the most bothersome since you have to expose Levant in order to cure conditions which may not be such a good idea give Levants fragile nature.

Anyways after some more punishment by our Bumbleroo he drops to the floor.

And I think we already have heard enough about the non threatening nature of the actual bosses outside their minions so suffice to say it takes about 2 attacks to make him hit the floor.

Here is the first time it’s important but you can immeadiately after a fight enter the menu to heal your minions. Seeing how this is the only time you have back to back fights you may forget about it and enter the fight against the Chosen One of Darkness severely weakened. Naturally we heal up before proceeding.

The Earth Boss vanishes for good this time and Mahbu reappears.

Like any good and caring husband we immeadiately check on her.

: I was afraid of being chained. But now I realize that love is a good thing.

: I didn’t know that, I can believe you right? I’m no longer alone, am I?

: But... That darkness is also a part of me... Do you still love me?

Mahbu vanishes and turns into the Jewel of Earth.

The other Jewels we collected leave our pocket and float towards the Jewel of Earth.

Their combined energy sends a ray into the sky...

...which summons an old acquaintance, the Dream Man a.k.a. the Chosen One of Darkness.

: The moment of purification for the accursed souls of Man and Minion is at hand...

: If you do not heal my sadness before the moth emerges from the Divine Cocoon...

: …darkness shall rule the land of Parel until the next transmigration...

: Chosen One of Light... The time has come. Now, we determine the future!

And thus we begin the final fight against the Chosen One of Darkness.

He traded his Moonsaulting Dragon for this particular creature. When summobed, it automatically places a Deva Ulvi in effect.

It attacks with the bosses trademark spells but is otherwise unremarkable till... takes enough damage. At this point Cushidra will forcefully change its element and place a new Deva Spell usually forcing you to replace your minion so you won’t be at a disadvantage.

Still he only attacks with boss spells which aren’t all that threatening.

Once more he switches his elemental. This time he is fire aligned.

Another irrelevant spell hits our creatures which are still more than healthy.

And the creature goes down.

The Chosen One himself attacks us with the power of his force palm strike which isn’t dangerous either.

So we make quick work out of him with a Critical Fire Attack empowered by the Deva Agni in effect from the Cushidra.

Riketz Voiceacting and the End

Dramatic reveal! The Chosen One of Darkness is your dad. Those with careful observation may have noticed it seeing that the Dream Man wore the same armor you did which is described as Riketz garb.

: My, how you have grown... Levant...

: I never, even for a moment, forgot about you and your mother...

: ...but where there is light, there is always darkness. Balance is a part of nature.

: Only by our hands can the two parts be made whole again.

: Do you still remember that melody I taught you?

Let’s begin the ending cinematic.

Levant start playing the Requiem of Souls and summons a Dragon of Light with his melody.

Meanwhile Riketz does the same with his lute and summons a Dragon of Darkness.

The requiem starts affecting people we’ve met, like Kikinak...

the Yami family...

and the minions of the forest.

The two dragons entwined themself...

...and combine to restore the balance between Light and Darkness.

the Divine Cocoon starts to glow and reveals a light coming from Mahbu...

...which releases the villagers from their curse.

Mahbu regains her human form and is embraced by Levant...

And the sun sets.

The End.

Next time

We’ll start digging into some post game content.