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Part 19: post-game content

Last time we concluded the main game and saved the village that probably still hates us or at least won’t utter a single word of thanks in our general direction. Today we tackle the post game content: the Endless Corridor as well as the arena function of the game.

To access the Endless Corridor, we have to load a save that we created at the end of the game.

We also could rename Levant again just as if it were a new game.

Gi has a few new cryptic words for us.

And we are thrown back into the Temple of Kemuel.

Ra and Mu welcome us, since Ni has mysteriously vanished.

: I am Ra. Whenever you require purification, please come to the Chamber of Purity through the blue entrance on the left.

: I am Mu. Whenever you require supplies, weapon or armor, please come to the chamber of Goods through the green entrance on the right.

: Please do not hesitate to ask us if you need something.

: Now you must pass through the Kumari Gate which leads to the Eternal Corridor!

: Please be careful. We will pray for your good fortune.

With that they leave us to return to their usual posts.

First of, we head over to Ra to pick up our snapping turtle for our trip into the corridor by benching Jipara (the goat thing).

Mu has some new weapons for sale, as well as several items we could only find in chests before.

Most notable is the Icicle, a weapon so expensive that I doubt anyone ever actually acquired it while keeping their sanity. Still once you got it, it makes grinding up your rank much easier if you want to reach those last titles (but by the time you have the money you may already have achieved Levant’s highest rank given tha silk sells at most for 600), since it automatically reduces the HP of any creature hit with it to 1 and can never kill anyone, making the catch a trivial task.

In addition I buy a few Rings of Stoning as a safety measure for something we see later.

Time to head into the Corridor.

Each single Corridor floor is rather small and colored according to the elements of the minions living in it. In this case we are looking at a floor filled with water creatures.

There are about 5 floor layouts for the Eternal Corridor which means you quickly find out what layout you are in and which is the fastest way towards the exit.

While there are new creatures in the corridor, most are recolors of already existing one like Radeeb here, who resembles the ogres we fought in the Moth Forest, all the way down to their skill set and stat distribution (obviously leveled up according to that).

In front of the door to the next floor we run into this mini boss. For the lack of a better term I call these monsters the Floor Guardians and there are 8 in total, after which they’ll repeat themselves (leveled up and more of them). These minions can drop their skins which gives you the option to apply them while merging. Unfortunately it’s not a guarenteed drop which puts a damper on things.

The problem is that these mini bosses are no real threat in any shape or form ,short of the last one, so I usually killed them in about 1-2 attacks without them pulling of anything of value.

Palooja’s biggest threat is the activation of the Critical skill, which, if it hits you, (which is unlikely) reduces your HP to 1.

Still it falls ridiculously fast, even without exploiting its elemental weakness, given that we do not pack a water minion currently.

Onwards we go, towards the second floor.

Which turns out to be another water floor.

Someone tell me how this one differs from the water version we’ve seen in the regular game, since I can’t spot it at all. Still the game recognizes it as a seperate minion (meaning a good deal of the “new” minions of the Corridor are more or less renames.)

We move further along the straight path of this floor till we come across this floors guardian.

Ticker has a frog like skin and attacks with spells...

Like the regular Earth spell Ulvi, dealing little to no damage at this point of the game.

It dies a few seconds later and doesn’t drop it’s skin either. Waste of time.

We continue on the 3rd floor, which seems to be earth aligned.

A peculiar thing of the Endless Corridor is to pair up minions with their underleveled selfs, possibly to show of the growth of a particular creature. It’s a nice touch, although I would have loved it as an option in the Chamber of Purification for standard creatures we've caught.

We move along the second straight floor in a row, until we meet this floors guardian.

One of the flying mouth creatures with a unique skin.

I can’t really determine what Jeechwo is supposed to be skinwise, but I know one thing for sure, in that he is a complete pushover at least compared to our creatures. He even lacks anything particular dangerous in his movesets (if he gets to attack at all that is).

At least someone bothers to drop their skin although this one is damn ugly.

We arrive at yet another water floor.

A recolor of an early game minion (even though the Mardreg/Terfrayd line is strong) greets us as our first enemy of the floor.

We also run into a snake recolor. It's one of the snakes without a poison attack and rather has its elemental attack with the +Power property.

We move along the road...

...until we run into our first (and only) new minion. Baubeck is pretty much a “skillbag” minion. He comes with four elemental attacks, each one coupled with a different attribute (empty, + Accuracy, +Power and +Critical) as well as the full loadout of spells. Should you create minions for the arena in order to square of against friends, this one pretty much forms a perfect addition to any fire minions, especially if it still lacks a particular skill you want and don’t breed for stats anymore.

This is what the deadends of the Corridor look like for those interested.

Along the other path we run into the mini boss of this floor.

A dragon with a leopard skin. Kolna attacks solemly with instant death spells. Annoying if you get hit (since Tendai Uyuki cost a fair bit), but no big deal in this encounter since it’s only him and he dies pretty fast (can you see a pattern?).

Another one bites the dust...

We arrive at an air aligned floor for once.

Here a “rename” from Madreg appears although it may have a slightly bigger back and a darker color. Still this kinda screams to me.

Come on, how is that one different from the one we caught in the Spider Forest of the Netherworld!? It looks virtually the same...

Anyway, it doesn’t take long to meet this floors intended roadblock.

It has a pretty nifty tiger skin (which it doesn’t drop for me obviously), but other than that Sicanjal turns out to be pretty unimpressive without a gimmick to fight as well as severely lacking in strength. No real challenge for our battle hardened minions.

Another earth aligned floor awais us.

Another familiar layout...

some more recolors...

and the floor boss.

I have no clue what Timaios skin is supposed to resemble but if I was forced to guess I would say an elephant or a strangely colored lion.

As for its fighting prowess, it tends to attack with Absorb HP and Mana which can make the fight drag on, but honestly, it once again proves to be a disappointing challenge as it dies in two attacks like everything else (possibly one if I had an Elemental Attack +Critical for Bumbleroo).

To no ones surprise, the next floor turned out to be full of water minons.

Another Chameleon minion. Catch it for the same reasons you caught Baubeck above.

Another recolor of minions found in prior dungeons.

At the end of th road we find the second to last floor guardian. A turtle just like our own once was. It still defends a lot and has decent HP, defense and attack, but it is not remarkable otherwise. We quickly deafeat it due to a lucky crit from our own turtle...

...and end up in another water floor for our last one (this makes 5 water floors, 2 earth floors and one air floor).

We follow along another straight path towards the boss...

which turns out to be a three-headed dragon minion with a skeletal skin.
Klarrgas is the Corridors only dick move. It is completely immune to all forms of direct damage forcing you to fail unless you pack status attacks (or items like the Rings of Stoning). It will only attack with status effects of its own.

What makes it so dickish, is that you have no indication that he is immune to something that worked during the whole game so far and wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the game.

To deal with Klarrgas personally, I took the snapping turtle along, so it can turn him to stone. I cast it on him...

...switch to Bumbleroo in order to cast Sel Selahm preventing myself from contracting any status effects...

and cower in fear till Klarrgas becomes a statue for my lawn.

We could go on to the next floor (which turned out to be another water area...), but from this floor onwards the bosses repeat themself e.g. on Floor 9-16 we fight two of each guardian, on Floor 17-24 threem, and the level of minions met and the bosses themself increse by 1 for every 4 bosses beaten by yourself to a limit of 26. You can now repeat it ad infinitum till you've grinded enough to reach Levan’t highest status according to the poem of the minstrels or until you caught every minion of the game (since spawns are entirely random, this can take ages itself).

However our job is finished so we use the Hunter’s earring to end our Corridor adventures. Once you leave the Corridor though it sends you back to Floor 1 upon reentering it. Given that you can't save inside it I wonder how far people have gone before getting bored. In fact I’m sure there are people who had a crazy endurance challenge with this particular dungeon...

Anyhow, this wraps up the post game content. Time to look into the multiplayer aspect of the game before closing for good.

You can acess the arena from the main menu.

: I am Mu. I preside over this arena and serve as witness to victory and defeat.

: This is where victory is decided by combat between the battle-hardened minions of the Dawn and the Sunset.

: Please show us the fruits of your long and hard training.

: I am Ra. I am in charge of advancement and management here at the arena.

: Let us begin by registering your minions.

: May you both fight bravely. Our prayers are with you.

We load up my main game save for both participants and select some minions (we could fight a mirror match if we wanted)to fight each other.

I decided to use some minions we had in waiting to form two teams. We also won’t allow minion swapping.

and we’ll shuffle the order for maximum randomness.

This is what the fight between the Dawn and the Sunset is going to be for this example battle.

The chosen minions enter the arena...

and Mabansa begins the fight with a cast of Maltia...

...Arbun retilates with an elemental attack with the +Critical property...

...the attack doesn’t crit however.

Still due to his higher speed he gets back to back turns. He choses to attack normally in order to presevere mana for upcoming fights.

Mabansa barely hangs in there...

and decides to go for as much damage as possible before it dies by casting Maltia again.

Mabansa goes down shortly afterwards.

It gets replaced by Jipara.

Who uses its first turn to crit with its elemental attack (naturally with the +critical property) bringing Arbun to its knees.

Second in line for the Sunset team is Bumbleroo who starts of by casting Deva Malti.

Meanwhile Jipara dishes out yet another crit in return.

Jipara used its next turn to guard in order to restore some of its mana while Bumbleroo mercilessly attacked.

After recovering some mana, a fierce fight starts with Jipara attacking normally and Bumbleroo using its elemenal attack boosted by Deva Malti.

In the end though the initial crit proved to be too much for Bumbleroo to handle and it goes down.

the snapping turtle takes its place, creating the only favorable matchup in this fight.

Unfortunately for the team of the Sunset, Jipara seems to be on a roll and dodges the fierce attack by Rigen that would have brought it down.

Naturally his attack also crits right afterwards putting some hurt on Rigen.

Still, all good things come to an end and so Jipara goes finally down to Rigen’s next attack.

The team of the Sunset is truly not blessed today as Snakedog begins by following Jipara’s example and crits with his first attack.

Rigen begins turning Snakedog to stone...

...but the effects of the turning are not enough to stop Snakedog from hitting Rigen and ending the fight.

The team of the Dawn has won.

Afterwards you could immediately rematch with the same settings if you liked.

And that's it for Jade Cocoon folks. Hopefully those that followed, enjoyed the LP and weren’t put off by my commentating, potential grammatical errors or other violations of the English language. Thanks for staying with me till the end.