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Part 6: The Bird Man Kikinak

Last time Koris told us that there may be a cure at the hands of Kikinak in the Dragonfly Forest and handed us the key for the Dragonfly Gate. We are now railroaded back to Garai to find out more about the Bird Man.

: There is a similar story of divine spirits in Nagi legend as well.

Let’s hear the Story of Creation from Garai.

: He spoke, “Thou shall not become what presides over life.”

: And so they spent days bringing life to the forest, and giving names unto themselves.

: And then one day, a spirit made up its mind to create a beast in its own image.

: ...Thou shalt not associate with it.”

: The divine spirit so promised, and gave birth to the beast of its own omage.

: Such was the birth of Man, the beasts of knowledge, as told by the Prophet Gi.

: As the sands of time flowed on, the beasts bore children, and so continued to multiply.

: Soon a fateful day came to the forest.

: Elrihm punished the divine spirit for its sin by transforming it into a beast.

: Descendents of that divine spirit dwell still in the forest. And sometimes, they reveal themselves to us.

: The Bird Man Kikinak, as mentioned in the folktales of Parel, might be referring to this spirit.

: And be sure to ask the Old Gravekeeper about the legends.

: He is the storyteller of Syrus, and should know much about the fables of old.

Seems like we’re in for another history lesson from Poto. Anyway let’s finish our business with Garai.

While we’re here let’s check on Mahbu as well

: Ooohhh... After performing a purification, I feel so sluggish...

So before we check on Poto let’s have another roundtrip through the village. We start by checking out whether the shops stocked up or not.

: I bet he’s out playing pranks with that no-good watchtower kid again...

: Tell him his old man said to stop playing in the forest and to come home and do his chores.

We’ll do that if we stumble upon Kelmar. For now let’s check out his wares.

The Sword of Speed is quite nice since it’s stronger and lighter (thus making us faster) than our current spear. Speed is the most important stat so that Levant can get out minions fast and in case minions get the drop on you it prevent Levant from being doubled and likely killed before doing anything.

The Plate Mail Vest isn’t too bad since it increases our defense by quite a bit and loses us only a single point of speed for it.

We already picked up the Iron Headband in the chest back in the Beetle Forest but as you can see it’s not really worth equipping.

: I gotta prepare too, you know.

Well on to the Town Shop.

This is Karla’s son who sometimes replaces her as the shop clerk.

: Me? Well... I have it hard, but not nearly as bad as you.

: My father is always away, so my mom never leaves me alone.

: She’s just lonely. It’s great that she loves me and all, but jeez.

: Have you ever been smothered like that? I always am.

Alright I wish that were my only problems during the apocalypse. Anyway let's look at his stock.

Meta-Mugwort is a more potent healing item for Levant and Tendai Uyaku's effect is total restoration e.g. an Elixier in most other games.

Next up is checking on the sick at the chief's estate.

: The Calabas is the herb of legend... No one has ever laid eyes upon it.

This bodes well for our quest.

: By the way, your mother is at the mill today covering for me.

: But you should be looking for the herb instead of stopping by.

Duly noted. Let’s go to the Mill anyway.

: I sure would like to be called that once... You listening?

: What do you want today?

: Let me guess. You still miss your mom after becoming so great?

I think I’m begging to understand why Riketz ran away. Everyone in the village is an asshole.

: Yeah... She’s inside.

: I wish someone would take care of me like that.

: But since the Chieftain opened his estate to the sick, at least I can get some work done...

: I hope things get better soon...

: I beg you, help my son...

: It’s just too cruel a fate for him to die in bed.

We then enter the mill.

: Then what will become of us?

: Don’t worry now. That’s why we have a Cocoon Master.

: The Chieftain and Jibara have taken care of it.

: I hope you’re right. But didn’t the minstrels talk about the tragedy of Gehena all over again?

: Say! Is your son alright?

: Don’t say that. He hasn’t run away!

: That’s right, isn’t it? Your husband... he’ll come back, won’t he?

: Well, I...

Okay we’ll stop their chattering and start talking to them directly.

: You will determine the fate of the village. Remember we have placed our faith in you!

: How much longer are you going to stand there and chat? Get back to work!

You’re one to talk. Phio is the only one currently working...

: Your mother is right here.

: My son too has fallen into the unending sleep you know. It’s almost as if he were dead...

: And so my husband can’t work...

: But just watching over him won’t do a thing. It’s so pitiful, it really is...

: You try to save the village as soon as possible.

: You see your mother says the same thing.

: Stop hanging around here and go get that herb!!

: I don’t know anything about that herb. But whatever you do, please be quick about it!

: Well, you better be off. We are all relying on you now...

Okay we’re finished at the mill. Let’s head over to the watchtower.

: Bit lemme tell ya, he’d be no match for Kelmar, no matter how strong he says he is.

: Right Kelmar?

: Y-you idiot! That’s enough already!!

: Hmph. You talk as if he was your own teacher.

: In your dreams! He’s only teaching ya things so you can help the village.

: What were you thinking?

: Hurry up and go back to the forest!

: You’re not going to kill him are you?

: You won’t be able to get that powder if you do.

: Good luck bringing that stuff back from Kikinak.

: And tell me all about it when you get back. No, I just... I just wanna know what he’s like.

: You’re the only one who can become a Cocoon Master. You’re so lucky. I have to become a blacksmith...

: Nah, it’s for you to worry about...

: I wonder what it’s like outside of Syrus. Oh, I am so sick of this village...

Now is as good as ever to give Kelmar the message of his dad.

: Aw man!! That pigheaded old-timer. He knew this whole time!?

: Was there anything else?

: Maybe that bird monster?

With that we’re finished at the Watchtower. We’ll get our reward for giving Kelmar the message after we finish the Dragonfly Forest. Let’s go meet the rest of the villagers.

: The minstrels told me that there are sleep spores in that forest that will send you right into a slumber.

: Hurry and find that herb or whatever.

: We’re doomed... There are no men to work in the fields.

: Rumor has it that the Bird Man lives in that forest. I wonder if it is true...

: You’ll learn something as the apprentice of the Blue Cocoon Master, won’t ya?

: So the Blue Cocoon Master doesn’t know either, eh? And that Calabas herb... I wonder if it even exists...

: With locust like that attacking the village... we’re all doomed.

: And that Garai... I’m sick of hearing about her magic arts. She sure is no help.

Let’s see if the minstrels down at the village square have some new information for us.

: Oh, so you are to go to the Dragonfly Forest are you?

: A perilous place that is. Tread carefully.

: Well now, let us play a song of the Bird Man for you. Alright, Yazu?

: Wait... Is there such a song?

: The White Forest is the forest of sleep/ The Dragonfly Forest is the forest of sleep

: The Dragonfly Forest is the forest of the Bird Man

: Sprinkle the powder/ Wake the sleeping

I have no clue if in its original language it is an actual song or a Haiku or something but it sounds pretty odd translated. The minstrels in general have some more of these “songs” throughout the game.

: We have heard many a rumor even on our way here.

: And we have even heard rumors about Syrus...

: Like the story of the disappereance of the Lion of Parel. That one is famous. Was he your father?

: Oh... I’m very sorry. Everyone says he has surely perished.

: There are those who think that it is somehow related to the recent troubles in the forest.

: They say that if even the great Lion of Parel was beaten by the forest, then indeed doom may be near.

: If the Lion of Parel was helpless against the forest, our prayers are useless.

: It’s almost like... Like the tragedy of Gehena Pale all over again.

: The forest and we/ a pure white thread binds us

: Prayers bring purification/ Spinning yields our daily bread

: Living with the forest is our tradition.

: I know not where it may be found...

: But then again... Even weeds will cure you if you believe in them.

: They say the mind rules the body.

: So perhaps this Calabas is an herb that grows inside people’s hearts.

: These are but rumors we heard during our journeys. Whether they are true, we know not.

: Tradition protects the pure bloodlines of the Nagi so that their women may keep their powers of purification.

: However, because of tradition, some Nagi are born to an unfortunate fate.

: But they must follow tradition... for the sake of all the children of Elrihm...

: To the unfortunate Nagi, the Cocoon Master who breaks tradition seems like a godsend.

: They believe that performing dark purification transforms the body and mind into a beast.

: Either way, it is as if they have passed away.

: Death or beast... They are one in the same.

: Rumor has it the first Black Cocoon Master was that kind of Nagi. Oh, what is the world coming to?

: Good and evil depends on the point of view. Within light there is darkness.

Finally done with the villagers. Last stop the Cemetery for our daily story by Poto.

: I have a fine view of the forest. I love the forest. That is why I like it here.

: When I’m here watching the forest, I need nothing else at all.

: Oh my, I almost forgot about the frolicking children. Their smiles are important too.

Story of the Bird Man

: It is said that the Woodcutter wanted to test his own strength by felling the tallest tree in the forest.

: He hastily ventured deep into the forest in search.

: Meanwhie, the forest told the Great Tree about the Woodcutter.

: And before long, the breath of the Great Tree became a thick and heavy fog which shrouded the forest.

: He grew so tired wandering about, that he soon took a short rest.

: All who would smell their sweet scent would fall fast asleep.

: The Woodcutter couldn’t help but to fall in a deep slumber.

: For three days he slept.

: He spoke to him, “ I’m the strongest’, you always say. One fight with me, if you may?”

: But the Woodcutter remained fast asleep.

: “You can try to sleep, if you must, but I shall wake you with my dust!”

: With that the Woodcutter sneezed a great sneeze and jumped to his feet.

: The surprised Woodcutter shouted, “Who on earth are you? I warn you, I am incredibly strong. And I will battle right now!”

: It cures all illness, and turns old to new. I got it from the forest people called the Yamu!”

: The Woodcutter tried to grab the Birdman.

: But the Woodcutter had been asleep for three days. He was too hungry to hold on.

: The Woodcutter told the villagers all about the strange Birdman.

: But not a soul believed him.

: From that day on, the Woodcutter never again boasted of his strength.

: You must never think of harming it. It is always watching over us.

: There are many other tales with the Bird Man.

: It seems they all say that he hates fire. Perhaps he was barbecued in a previous life...

With that we are done with the village. Next time we’ll head into the Dragonfly Forest.