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Part 2: Becoming a Cocoon Master

After the “Demon Attack” we cut to the meeting between Chieftain Grotta, Elder Jibara and High Priestress Garai

Garai,Grotta and Jibara Voiceacting

: At long last, has Elrihm’s Day of Judgement come to Syrus?

: We must act... Do you not think so, High Priestress Garai?

: The minions of the forest could not have broken through the Divine Barrier on their own.

: Whatever the cause may be, once the insects flew off, many of our people fell into a sleep from which they cannot wake...

: We must do something...

: I deeply regret to say, those winged insects are the Onibubu: the Locusts of Apocalypse...

: The dust spread by the Onibubu plunges all into sleep, returning them to the earth.

: I hear the ancient empire of Gehena Pale was swallowed into the forest by an Onibubu attack.

: It is a pity, but never again shall they wake...

: The only reason we allowed a wanderer like you to live here...

: ... is because we believed in the divine magic of the Nagi.

: But you’ve let our people fall ill without even trying to help... And still you do nothing...

I wouldn’t call saving at least a few of the inhabitants of this village “doing nothing”

: So, your divine magic and spells were all just a hoax!

: Better to have cut off the source of evil before it came to this—if all it would have taken was a sacrifice...

: Foolishness! The forest lends no ear to the wishes of Man.

: If you speak the truth, then the evil spirits must be imprisoned one and all!

: Both of you quiet down!

: The souls of those fallen to sleep wander the dream world...

: To retrieve their souls and return them to their bodies we must...

: Yes, that’s it! The Calabas herb!

: If only we had the legendary herb, might it not cure the sleep-sickness?

: Well now, Garai. Are you not well-versed in the ways of the forest?

: Chieftain, what do you say about sending Garai into the forest?

: What would that accomplish? I would just be swallowed up and never heard from again.

: Although the herb is said to cure the sleep-sickness...

: Well then, tell us if there is some other way!

: Or... Are you just going to sit around and let them all die?

: You always were a stranger among us...

: Any further sacrifices will be the end of the village.

: Tradition states that a Cocoon Master shall suppress the demons...

: Since the Lion of Parel is no more, we have little choice. We must send a new Cocoon Master into the forest.

: We of the Nagi were born to live together with the Cocoon Masters.

: Mahbu should not object.

: It is all for the sake of Syrus. We are prepared.

: So then it is decided...

: Summon our new Cocoon Master, Levant, the son of the Lion of Parel, and Mahbu, maiden of the Nagi Tribe...

: Have them both come to the Hall of Judgement.

: You are the child of a long line of Cocoon Masters in Syrus.

: On this day the Sacred Union shall be performed. As the successor to the Lion of Parel, you shall determine the fate of us all!

: He was a courageous, yet gentle man. Even though he was swallowed up by the forest when the tide of fortune turned against him...

: He was certainly not a coward, as the villagers might have called him.

: Stand tall and work hard. I wish you luck in your father’s stead.

: Oh yes! Levant, You must also cherish your wife.

: A devoted husband is a Nagi woman’s only salvation.

: You will understand someday. May fortune be with you in battle!

: Are you both ready?

: We, the beasts of knowledge, born of the forest...

: Once again grant us here this day...

: That which touches and moves thy worried heart...

: So that we, as beasts, may live in harmony with the forest... Oh so wise, oh so wise...

: As long as you possess it, you may escape death, even when defeated in the forest.

: It is my farewell gift to he who journeys to the land of ordeal.

: Now then... Listen well you two.

: Some people fear Cocoon Masters and call them impure hunters...

: Many will be prejudiced towards you. Nevertheless, you must persevere in your lonely struggle.

: A terrible ordeal also awaits the women of the Nagi.

: The infections on their bodies are the side effects of the cocoon purification process. These are known as Cursed Brandings.

: In the worst case, this can even cause death.

: Please care for one another in sickness and in health.

: Levant, tomorrow your lonely struggle shall begin.

: Come to my house. We must prepare what you need for your journey.

After this sequence we get the Hunter’s Earring and just as Garai said it prevents a “game over” scenario if we are defeated in battle. It also allows you to teleport out of the forest at will in case you need to stock up on new cocoons or items. You still have to run through the forest again though.

: Adults always have to have it their way... That’s why I don’t like them.

: But it’s strange, isn’t it? Why is it that only Nagi women are able to purify?

: Mother Garai says it’s divine power...

: But it doesn’t seem that the villagers think so.

: After what already happened today! D’ya want the monsters to attack again, or something?!

: Don’t ya have work to do tomorrow? Go to bed already!

: What do you want? Oh, you must be scared.

: Isn’t it past your bedtime? Or are you too afraid to go to sleep?

: I already told ya, I’m not a kid!

: Levant! Try not to get eaten alive out there, tough guy.

: But, i guess there’s nothing scarier than Mahbu.

: And don’t oversleep, Young Cocoon Master.

: See you tomorrow.

This time we’re railroaded into bed.

??? : Your father was a noble man...

??? : Coward!

??? : According to tradition I hereby declare your coming of age...

??? : Your bride from this day forward...

??? : Treacherous woman...

: Still, you are but the son of a coward… Like father, like son.

: That Nagi maiden shall be left behind when you are killed in the forest. How pitiful!

Our friend then forces us into a battle against a Pataimel

It’s a basic lvl 1 monster and we don’t have much choice other than attacking it. We do so and it dies 4 rounds later.

: But such is not out true power. Do you think you are up to it?

And with that it´s round two against the Dream Man

He summons his dragon minion again and after our favourite pattern (Moonsault, Horn Attack and Fire Blast) we are once again lying in the dust.

: You are nothing but the son of a coward... Aah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...

: From this day forward you are the Cocoon Master of Syrus. You must be strong.

: Now, you better head over to Mother Garai’s house. Mahbu is probably waiting for you there too.

: At the forest entrance there are four gates through the Divine Barrier.

: To pass through them, you must have the right key.

: One of them is here in Syrus, it is the key to the Beetle Gate. Lui, the watchtower guard has it.

: Once you get the key from Lui, you must go deep into the Beetle Forest. Another Cocoon Master lives there.

: People call him the Blue Cocoon Master. His name is Koris. And he is a very capable man.

This begs the question why they need Levant at all...

: Finding the Calabas Herb is important, but first you must learn to fend for yourself.

: No doubt there is much you can learn from him. For he too is a Cocoon Master.

: In the meantime, i have gathered what you will need for your journey.

: If you need something else, you should go to the town shop.

: Wounds can only be healed by mugwort herbs. Make sure you have enough.

: Oh, and do not forget to arm yourself.

: When your empty cocoons run out, you can get more from Mahbu.

: Oh yes! I almost forgot something very important:

: This is the Flute of Capture. The sound of this flute serves both to imprison and summon minions.

: Your father Riketz entrusted it to me...

: A fateful meeting it was... Ah, but perhaps some other time I will tell you all about it.

Finally done with the plot for now. But since we’re here already let’s finish talking with her.

: From the forest entrance, you will find the Divine Barrier Gate and then on to the Beetle Forest. Godspeed to you Levant.

After finishing up with Garai (for now) let’s have a chat with our wife

: But if worse comes to worst, you can always use the Earring of the Hunter to return home safely...

: So I went ahead and married you, huh?

: You’d better take good care of me, now! Oh come on... I’m just joking.

: It feels strange doesn’t it? I guess things are gonna get serious real soon, huh? Be careful out there.

As we leave Garai’s hut

: Here...

: This is a ring given to me by the Nagi chieftain when I was born. It’s very special to me.

: I should have given it to you before, but I was too embarrassed..,

: When I wear this ring, somehow I feel at peace...

: I hope it helps you too.

:Well... take care, okay?

: Um...

: Oh, it’s really nothing, but...

: I’ll be thinking about you.

Next Time

We’ll be exploring the village once more and finally start with the Beetle Forest.