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Part 3: Episode 3: Wherein Plot Begins to Happen.

As promised here's the update! A little later than I had planned.

Episode 3: Wherein Plot Begins to Happen.

The mystery figure reveals himself as Squall, no wait, Robert Oh damn what was his name again?

Leon! Thank you Sora.

Hah, don't be silly NotSquall. We're in the Matrix.

Sora has to think about that for a second.

You can't expect the guy to remember everyone he's ever met. It isn't like they grew up together at the same orphanage or something.

Truthfully, Leon has been trying to block out the ass-kicking I gave him KH1. Somehow he never got over being beat up by a little boy with a key.

Do you expect us to believe there are other scar-faced gun-blade weilding guys in black leather with a belt complex in this town? Really?


Sora wouldn't even have noticed had Donald not said something.

Guys he's right there. He can hear you.

Leon doesn't know what the fuck.

Gasp! It's a ninja!

Thought I was kidding didn't you.

Aeris (Screw you game.) is totally in tune with the planet Matrix.

Yuffie looks evil in her little portrait. I'm not sure why.

Yuffie stop giving Leon elipses headaches. Worse than migranes I tell ya.

Yuffie doesn't appreciate sarcasm.

If Leon knows about the Highwind, I'm sure he's imagining throwing Yuffie off it. Into the Northern Crater. I know I have.

Normally Leon would launch into a very long tutorial on Sleights, Card Breaking, and Other Mechanics. Unlike the last tutorial it doesn't attempt to tie into the plot and I've covered everything in it in my mechanics discussion in Ep.2, so we'll be skipping this. I don't get to whack him with my keyblade.

Sir Yessir!


Leon gives us a Simba-6 summon card. I really don't like the summon cards in this game. They are expensive to have in your deck and it is very easy to whiff with them. Sleighting multiple summon cards will give you stronger summons, but as he's all alone Simba can stay in the bin for now.

We're given our next plot key and sent out of the room. Time to kill some more Heartless and make our way to plot door #2.

Well this room is clear, lets head onwards.

The door demands a 7+. Lets throw our Teeming Darkness. This card gives us a room with a lot of enemies that move fast and are pretty tough. An excellent leveling ground.

Besides the normal shadow heartless we run into the knights here.

And the little mage things. This is a shot of my Sliding Dash. It's pretty useless.

Besides basic attack cards you can also find fun things like potion and elixer cards. This elixer will refill my deck without having to use my charge bar. They are expensive to keep in your deck and can be broken by enemies, so you really never want more than 2, and you want them to be as high a number as possible. My deck came with this one and I'll be using it probably forever since an Elixer-6 is hard to break and can break a lot of things on its own without costing an insane amount of CP. You can see my heal card on top of the deck now, as long as I don't use it in a sleight I get to use it every time I cycle through my deck. It's a full heal for now, but using 2 and 3 heal cards in sleight will give me a Cura/Curaga that will heal much more. Of course I don't have the HP to worry about that yet.

Plot door #2! Where has Leon led us?

Hi there Aeris!

Don't worry it will all make some sort of sense soon.

Well Sora is a likable kinda guy.

This was a big scene in KH1, near the end.

See those treasure boxes? We will never be able to open those.

It was a pretty corny line but you did say it ya big lug.

How does tha-

Heh... I gotta hand it to them, the writers did a pretty good job anticipating my reactions.

...But that would only work if we weren't real!

Leon's contagious. Now Sora's caught Ellipsitis.

It took him a bit but Sora's gonna get this all straight.

Aeris is like... The Oracle. She knows things.

Right. Nothing here is real.

Except Yuffie being dense. That's real.

Uh oh, they're kicking us out of the plot room!

Damn straight.

With that note we're off to make our way to the third plot door.

The adventures will continue with not one, but two boss fights, and some fiery dialogue in:
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