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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

by Mistaya

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Original Thread: Trust in the Heart of the Cards! Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories



Hello everyone and welcome!
It's time to play...

KH:CoM is a middle game in the Kingdom Hearts series. Unlike most GBA side-stories of popular franchises, this game actually advanced the plot a fair amount and introduces us to many of the key players in Kingdom Hearts 2. This game is also the first time we get to hear some of the music that would later be so popular in KH:2, notably the boss battle theme for the Organization.

Because this is a sequal, let's run down the events of KH1. Massive spoilers are in spoiler text.

On a little island in a tropical land a boy named Sora and his friends, a girl named Kairi and a boy named Riku, live pretty much normally. They are building a raft to float off to see new places, but this is all interrupted when a "door to darkness" opens on their island and dark creatures called the "Heartless" invade in force. Sora discovers he's been chosen by the Keyblade, a magical sword shaped like a key that is one of the only things that can defeat the evil Heartless. Still new to his ability, Sora fails to save his island and all is sucked into darkness, his friends lost.

He wakes up in the back alley of a place called Traverse Town, where he meets Donald and Goofy, the royal knight and wizard of Disney Castle, who are looking for their king, Mickey, and the Keyblade holder who can stop the Heartless. It seems the Heartless have been invading more and more worlds and destroying them to steal the hearts of the residents. Traverse town is a sort of in-between world, where those who've lost thier worlds sometimes end up if they were lucky enough to escape the destruction of their home.

 It also seems the villians of the Disney films have banded together to aid the Heartless and destroy the worlds. They have gathered the 8 "Princesses of Heart" to open the final portal to the Heart of all Worlds, Kingdom hearts. Sora chases them down through many worlds, sealing the keyholes and locking the heartless out, all looking for Kairi and Riku. He finds Riku has been taken in by Maleficent, leader of the evil council, and Kairi has been captured as the 8th princess. 

Sora defeats Riku's darkness and saves Kairi, but too late, the door to Kingdom Hearts has been opened. In the final battle against the  dark force Ansem, creator of the Heartless,   Sora is victorious but King Mickey and Riku are lost behind the door of Kingdom Hearts. Kairi is returned to her island home, and all the worlds are restored, but Sora refuses to give up on Riku and sets off after him with Donald and Goofy at his side.

KH:CoM picks up exactly here. I absolutely cannot get screencaps of this FMV that don't look blurry or broken so I'll let the movie stand for itself. The poor GBA was not meant for such abuse.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories intro.
This is NOT my video as every time I tried to upload I couldn't get it to look remotely decent. Hopefully I'll have that resolved very soon.

For those who can't or don't want to click the above:
Sora, Donald, and Goofy are on the road looking for Riku and Mickey. They're found by Pluto, carrying a note sealed with King Mickey's seal. While we never see what was in the note, the boys sleep easier that evening until Sora wakes up sensing some trouble. He wanders back to the crossroads, unsure which path the trio should take come morning.

A figure in black suddenly appears at one of the forks.
"Ahead lies something you need. But to gain it you must lose something dear."
Sora leads the others after the dark cloaked figure. NOTE: this is first time Sora has encountered a member of Organization 13.

Cut to a young girl drawing in a white room. We don't see her face. She's drawing a picture of a pretty pink castle. The castle fades into reality, and it is more sinister than pretty. This is where the path has led Sora and he's determined to investigate it...

Well that's enough ! Time for...

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