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Part 23: Episode 23: The Man With the Plan

Well its late and I had a lot of work to do today so no double update after all... Believe me the next one will be worth the wait. In the meantime lets get this terrible mockery of Aladdin finished.

Episode 23: The Man With the Plan

What incompetence lies beyond...?

Jafar is chilling on the roof with a blow up doll of Jasmine.

How is ALADDIN more of a threat than us three me? And where'd Al go?

Oh boy! We're springing our grand master super duper deluxe ultra mega trap!



Not pictured well: Genie appears and punches Al in the head, sending him flying into the back wall there. Pictured: Al going "Oof!".

Jafar has suddenly developed a severe case of fish-eyes for no apparent reason.

Yes, our grand plan was to jump out from a bush and yell "RAWR!", hoping Jafar was dumb enough to use a wish. It worked too. I don't know if I should be happy or sad about that.

Wait a second. You can't wish people to fall in love with you. Didn't you ever see this movie Sora?!

"But unfortunately, you can't see beyond the cheese. Your little ploy changes nothing!
I can crush you once and for all AND make Jasmine my own!"

Well we'll just see about that!

No way, he didn't just... I can't even...

And now we're in a room with LAVA? And 3 moronic floor panels that rise and lower at random intervals yet never just you know, drop us in IN the lava? WHERE DID THIS EVEN COME FROM. And what happened to 'not even bothering' with us Jafar? Go throw Al in the lava!

Complete and utter idiocy aside, this boss is not too hard. He has 3 attacks, the first of which is this nice elbow slam to the head.

He also has EYE LAZERZ and throws large lava boulders at you. I let these go off in the video to show them but everything this guy does is either easily broken or can't even hit you due to his own stage.

Of course, Jafar himself is AN IMMORTAL GENIE so you can't hit him, he's immune to damage. How do we kill him then? Easy, smack the shit out of Iago who is convienently flying about the lava cave. The 3 tiles of floor have several heights they change to every few seconds so this makes it a little trickier but really there's nothing else to be said about Jafar.


"Hey Aladdin, don't you still have one wish left?"

Killing Jafar brought us out of the pocket dimension and back into... Wherever this is.

"You're probably miffed about that whole puppet-of-Jafar thing anyways."

Don't think too hard Al, you'll hurt yourself.

They... They actually did something from the movie!

And you have pants!

Looks like that last "..." finally engaged Aladdin's brain cells.

Relationships built on lies never work out!

Yeah that was a motivational speech you gave Sora.

...except it isn't my girlfriend, its this guy who was always kinda an asshole to me. I MISS HIM THOUGH.


Cloud is the only guy cool enough to hang out in MY deck buster. Get in the bin.

I think he'll probably cease to exist once I exit this area. Genie was just trying to sneak out of the rapidly disintegrating Agrabah construct.

Goodbye Al. Goodbye.

The Great Big Ladder is actually a ladder? Oh the humanity!

Save cube ahoy! Lets get the hells out of this zone!

Phew, that was terrible. I'm glad we did that last after all. Next time on KH:CoM, we'll be diggin up more white corridor plotty goodness than you can handle in-

Episode 24: Her Name Is...