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Part 22: Atlantica, 100 Acre Wood, Neverland, Hollow Bastion

Good morning folks! Well I've done a lot of prep-work and played ahead a bit to make sure I'm getting all this straight. Might as well announce our second round of world cards for voting purposes. Choose from these exotic locales!
Atlantica, 100 Acre Wood, Neverland, Hollow Bastion
If you don't vote I will be sad. Sad like Eeyore, and that would suck wouldn't it? Now the results of the vote won't matter for 2-3 updates so you have plenty of time. VOTE NOW!

Episode 22: Prince Ali of Persia
Bwahahah just kidding, he stays a street bum this entire level.

This plot door makes up for those other two having half as much content by having double.

Also we've gotten a new sleight, using 3 9's or 3 0's will perma-nuke an enemy's card. This will come in handy only in specific boss fights for the most part. Being able to nuke a boss's elixer or ether at will is nice though. You might notice Sonic Blade in that list I don't think I mentioned it yet. It's just a really hard forward thrust with the keyblade. Its underwhelming and I don't use it.

The Fira/Firaga thing is just sleighting a bunch of magic cards, while I may make a magic deck later for fun it won't carry me through the game and the magic cards can be very expensive and bothersome. I prefer to stack HP and make Sora a walking tank to stacking my deck with magic. Except Cloud, because Cloud is just awesome-sauce.

We enter this room on a ledge/roof above the palace gates.

Could figment Aladdin get any more ? Really.

Goofy puts on his face.

Sora, she's 25 feet down and 5 feet across. Remember that time we leapt off the Great Big Ladder? Just jump!

Oh for crying out loud...

Genie proceeds to teleport the nearby Heartless... to someplace nearby.

Al jumps down to check on his woman. You know how I said poor Sally was a plot device? Jasmine isn't even that. She doesn't get a single line in this game, just lays there comatose.

I don't really remember Princess Jasmine being so... Princessy. She was a tomboy, ran away from home and had a pet TIGER for crissakes. I know this is all a construct of Sora's head but still...

-teleport them 5 feet away! Do it Genie maybe it'll work this time!

Sora can't take watching this anymore.

Time to solve this dillema with some good old fashioned violence.

The usual suspects of course. Also netted our first Ether card!

-or the other two times.

Not pictured- The screen flashing white like 6 times. Signifying something of import.

Jafar is up on the roof we jumped down from. How'd he get our lamp from there? MAGIC.

"I was certain you'd waste your last wish, what with poor Jasmine in danger and the Heartless to contend with."

Condensed plot summary incoming in T-3... 2... 1...

See apparently Jafar just happened to be wandering around town one day and pulled our buddy Al of to the side and said, "Hey Al, go to this deathtrap filled cave and bring me this lamp and I'll even let you use it three times before you give it to me since we're buddies and all."

Al was all like "Sho thing my man," and he goes and gets the lamp. But Jafar there finds out Aladdin was all up on his woman, so he's like, "No way man," and lets Al waste all his wishes since he knows Al's just like that.

Sora thinks that's creepy.

"You're nothing more than a pawn in my game street rat!
Genie, my first wish, deliver Jasmine to me!"

Awww Jafar I had hopes for you but apparently you're just as as Al. You MAGIC'd the lamp up to the ledge but a comatose girl too much for you?

Well this sucks.

Don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house Jafar.

"If you don't pull yourself together you'll never see Jasmine again!
You lost the lamp, so what?! You can still save her on your own!
Losing someone you care about is bad, but not as bad as never getting them back!"

Something in the situation has really struck a chord with Sora. I haven't seen him this fired up in ages.

Al takes a second to rid himself of that emo feeling.

That's better!

Shut up Donald we're firing up here.

At the risk of sounding cliche, I've got a bad feeling about this.

Stay tuned next time for...
Episode 23: The Man With the Plan