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Part 37: Episode 37: All Defense and No Offense

Sorry for the delay folks, holidays and all so I went out and saw Transformers. Good movie.

Episode 37: All Defense and No Offense

Don't worry folks, it's just Vexen.

"I am Vexen. I've come to collect your debt."

See? Told you. Vexen is about as intimidating as a luffa.

Yeah I owe you a punch in the face...

I think Vexen knows he's screwed by now. Marluxia is going to get rid of him and he may not be much of a fighter but Vexen isn't stupid, he knows this. He's not on Sora's side at all, but he is trying to sabotage Marluxia's shit from this point on. Yay politics!

"Why trouble you in your final moments?"

No one's final moments occur in this episode. Sorry. Oh, this severely lame line also leads us into BOSS 15: VEXEN

Vexen is a complete joke. He's ice-element and his weapon is a great big shield that he uses to, you guessed it, guard all frontal attacks. So we have to nail him in the ass if we want to do damage.

He can blizzaga, which is avoided by standing close to him (since he's taller than Sora the spell goes right over our spikey head.) He can hit us with his shield but he only does this rarely and it doesn't hurt.

This is his sleight, he turs you into an ice cube for a few seconds which does minimal damage. This is not dangerous and even if it was you don't have to 0-break it. Why? The ice prison pops up on the spot you were standing when it was cast, so moving forward makes it miss. In fact everything Vexen does can be completely avoided by running in a small circle around him.

My health is only low because it was low going into the fight after Maleficent and I didn't feel like healing up.


"As we fought I delved deep into your memory..."

That's not an excuse for that boring fight Vexen. I could've beat you up on floor 3.

"If you want to fight me for real, then step into the world inside this card!"

Well, that's useful I suppose. Those of you who've played KH2 should be able to figure out what... or who... the other side of Sora's heart is. Let's just say he's rather important later on.

Vexen warps out, and Sora doesn't know what the fuck.

Meanwhile in the security room, Marluxia is less than amused with Vexen's betrayel.

"But if not..."

Don't worry, Sora doesn't catch on to anything that isn't explicitly told to him, you guys are fine.

Axel is totally not Marluxia's minion. Marluxia just doesn't know that.

More politics... And I think Marluxia may have just signed his own death warrant, don't you?

"I wonder what it does?"

I think it opens a world door becase that's what all the other ones did.

Well that's all for today folks, see you next time- Heh, alright I'm not that mean. Tommorow we'll be heading for-

The first level of Kingdom Hearts 2! in-

Episode 38: The Other Side