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Part 57: Episode 6: Entrances and Exits

Great news on my end, I've finally got all my Playstation2 screen/film capture stuff setup so KH1 should be right on schedule. We're also coving a lot of ground this episode, putting us at about the mid-way point of Riku's adventure.

Episode 6: Entrances and Exits

Riku's Diary, Excerpt 4
Mood: Decisive
After fighting Vexen I realized how much I was starting to depend on the Darkness again. I wanted to get away from it but it keeps dragging me down. Looking back, I probably could've beat him without using it, so why didn't I? I've got to try to rely on myself instead.

The deck for this place was a little stronger than before, but nothing like when I was fighting Vexen. 7643,7643... There's a pattern to it, there has to be, but what? The Parasite Cage card from Monstro gave any card a breaking ability for a few attacks, and the Fat heartless card made my attacks from behind stronger. I doubt I'll use either very often.

This deserted marketplace was Jafar's homeworld. I'm going to do my best not to use the Darkness until I absolutely have to.

True to his word, Riku cooks himself a parrot without a hint of darkness.

This would probably be harder in Dark mode actually, since the autotarget would probably land on Jafar, and Dark-Mode Riku has terrible aerials.

The bathroom.

Oh, remember how I said we never saw Greg again? I lied.

"Marluxia may well get his puppet. He's a danger to us all.
Larxene's not to be trusted either."

Well at least our current batch of villians aren't delusional about their co-workers. With this kind of company tension I'm surprised they've managed to go this long without bloodshed honestly.

But Vexen despises everyone...

Zexion is the one O/13 member we will never fight as either Riku or Sora, in any game (until KH:2 final mix, where you could as a bonus fight.) He's much more comfortable manupulating people to do his dirty work than doing it himself.
In any case, this short scene leaves us with only one more world card to explore.

Riku's Diary, Excerpt 5
Mood: Satisfied
I knew I could do it. Darkness isn't the only answer to a fight. Still, I've got to keep moving forwards. I've been going up this whole time, can't count how many ledges, ladders, and doors I've passed. Now i'm inside a ship. And still going up.

My first thoughts when I saw the deck for this area were, "You've gotta be kidding me." 7654321-0-1234567. Let's just say when I get to about the midpoint of a fight I'm usually losing ground. Jafar's card ups damage when my HP is low, and this levels card, a pirate, turns my whole deck to 0's. Again, both pretty weak but I guess nothing will ever beat Maleficent's card. Almost to the deck now, let's see who's the real captain of this ship.

Riku doesn't get so lucky to avoid using dark mode this time. Hook is still very strong, and your deck having such a weak midsection doesn't make this any easier.

Sleight those 1's, and 2's out immediately and you'll do better. Also, get into dark mode ASAP and sleight him down. He's not too tough if you can avoid the package bombs.

WHO COULD IT BE? A) Ansem B) Sora C) ????

"What are you supposed to be?"

If you chose C) ????, then you were right! You win an introduction monologue!

"Too shocked to speak? This should come as a relief, then:
I'm a replica of you that Vexen made."

Greg's real title/name is 'Riku Replica'. Which I guess is supposed to sound better than 'Riku Clone'.


"Just because you're real doesn't mean you're better!
We share the same body and the same talents.
There is one easy way to tell us apart, though."

Yeah, Greg about 3x as much as Riku does.

Looks like Greg needs a little lesson in "real".

"The darkness inside you scares you witless."

"I'm not making excuses honest!"

"In other words..."

Greg, you vastly overestimate your own abilities.

Riku wastes no time beating the living hell out of Greg.

"What was that about embracing the Darkness again?"

"That's right you can't do this one can you?"

The only unsatisfying thing about Greg is you can sometimes lose track of which pretty boy you're in control of.

I do so love gloating over fallen foes.

"It won't be long before I surpass you. Next time we fight, you're finished!"

Thats... Why did Sora have to be a keyblade master again? I want a hero who doesn't mind killing off an enemy the first time he fights them.

Riku goes in for the kill...

DENIED! Greg pulls a shield-o-darkness(tm) out of his ass and our hero is thrown back.

Go torment Sora, I have no time for you.

Lamest. Comeback. Ever.

"See you next time, Real Thing. Try not to miss me."

"Run home to mama, Greg!"

"I actually thought of a comeback!"

Riku I am losing all respect for you.

Oh god I thought it was over.

Even Vexen knows that was a crock of shit.

Greg suffers from severe delusions of grandeur.

If you can't even hurt Riku, you shouldn't be looking at Sora. No matter how much I say this, the villians in this series are bound and determined that Riku is the stronger of the two.

We'll pick up where we left off with a few more worlds and a few more corridor's in-

Episode 7: Fun For the Whole Family