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Part 43: Episode 43: The Truth

Episode 43: The Truth

With this, we're attacked by BOSS 17- DARKSIDE.

Darkside is an easy but time consuming fight. It actually took longer than Vexen. There's a couple things to know about him. First, see where I'm standing? That's where you want to chill the entire fight. Darkside is too tall to attack when he's standing upright but he'll come in and punch the ground here, (sometimes his fist wont go down all the way.) and you can either hit him in the face or the arm. This is also the perfect spot to drop a heavy damage Ars Arcanum on him.

He can also kneel down and fire energy balls from the big hole in his chest. Note that there is there is a wind effect in the area, so you're constantly shoved to the right side of the screen. Standing in that spot is great because the wind is shoving you there anyways and it allows your card breaks to do damage, you want to be able to do damage with every card you throw if possible.

His third attack launches a ball of energy from his hands which goes up in the air and rains energy down on you.

He doesn't break your heals and has no sleights but he has a massive amount of HP (3 and a half bars) so it takes a while to kill him.


That's dedication right there folks.

Holy crap we actually found her!

Well, really we came for Riku but I suppose we stayed for you.

Not even close.

You mean not with his memories all hacked to bits and his heart manipulated into trusting you? A little late now...

Fix his heart and maybe his forgiveness will mean something. <>

Two of them?

Sora doesn't know what the fuck.

Not pictured: The screen flickers like in the Matrix. Something's being tampered with.

Namine' stop confusing the poor kid and fix him.

If you tell me that stupid story about the shooting star again I'll murder you Sora.

I liked it better when you were agreeing with each other.

"See that faint glimmer way in the back of your heart?
That's a piece of your memory Sora! Call out to it!
No matter how far away the light gets, your heart's voice will always reach it."

Break the chains of memory Sora! You can do it!

Another FMV pops up... The good luck pendant shines for the second-

Then reverts to it's old form. The Oathkeeper charm Kairi gave Sora long ago.

Sora looks up and sees Namine's face fade back into Kairi's, then everything goes white.

We wake up on the beach again, alone.

Still brainwashed, or just concerned? Time will tell...

We gain access to the Oathkeeper Keyblade card, it's about even with the Rumble Rose and a little worse than the Fairy Harpe.

Up the most normal looking ladder in the game, and a final meeting with the save cube, perhaps? Find out more next time in-

Episode 44: Riku's Last Chance