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Part 20: Episode 20: Wasted Wishes

Today I bring you not one but two entire plot doors, because Al's world is really very short so I'll be finishing it tomorow. I know you're all excited to see me kick Larxene's hot ass and for our next set of magical world cards to vote on.

Episode 20: Wasted Wishes

Ah Agrabah. I forgot how gratingly annoying your music was.

Well golly gee, lets go help him out!

And I could use some more exp!

The Persians are attacking!

This is gonna be good. Really.

You meant all the Heartless right? Not just the ones on screen. At least all the ones in the city, or country maybe? No? Man, figment Aladdin is DUMB.

"There ain't nothing I can't make right as rain. Well, if we HAD rain.
But enough DRY jokes, one Heartless disapearing act coming up!"

It doesn't rain in the desert get it?

As per Genie LAW, Genies can't kill anyone. This means those Heartless were transported about 50 feet away, out of the cutscene and into a local fruit stand. We'll be slaughtering them shortly.

Figment Genie is really hyper. Also he talks in a really high pitched ping, higher than the girls even. I'm not sure why.


Hey look, Goofy remembers Aladdin.

If this was a Video Let's Play, I'd totally break into song here. Alas, it is not.

See you next time, in like an hour for-
Episode 21: An Emancipation Proclamation