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Part 63: Episode 12: Greg's Last Stand

4 hours... 24 hours... Eh, close enough right? From now on all updates will be done "Eventually by next Wednesday."

Episode 12: Greg's Last Stand

Yes, the card that led Mickey to Riku, is from Twilight Town. A place Riku has never been before. Neither has Mickey, for that matter.


Uh oh.

"Please leave your name and number after the beep."

This guy has nothing on Jack.

"What? Is something on my face?"

He sounds like one of those self-help tapes.

It's time for the BIG REVEAL!

"Yes I am! Really!"

"But not you. It's not darkness I smell, it's... something else."

The REAL Ansem only uses Axe. You smell of Old Spice you sham!

"You pretended to be Ansem and gave me the card, to make me face the darkness."

"And I would have gotten away with it too! If it wasn't for that meddlesome king!"

We saw this man's sillouhette at the very beginning, before he disguised himself as Ansem. DiZ is an acronym, and we'll learn a lot more about him in KH2. For now, all you really need to know is he's not a bad guy. And he has probably the most ridiculous outfit in the series. There's no reason to be covering up a perfectly good eye with belts on TOP of the crimson bandages man. Sometimes you just gotta know when to stop adding acessories.

"You stand in the twilight.
I want you to meet Namine', then choose."

DiZ also knows Namine', apparently.

DiZ warps out, leaving Riku with nothing to do except wander the empty streets.

This area is rough, and Mickey is missing, which means no heal cards.

Riku has no diary entry about today's deck because I am going to rant about what a terrible pile of crap it is. I'm about to go into the roughest fight in the game, 20 levels too low, with no heal cards, and they give me THIS. What is this? A joke? No no no, look at the numbers vertically. There's a pattern, and it's there to make you SUFFER.

There are actually 2 plot doors in this area, the first leads to someplace we've been before.

Unfortunately not. Good guess though!

Someone Has Learned To Speak In Capital Letters!

"Last time we met you were afraid of the darkness, but not anymore."

This is a good question.

This is a terrible copout.

This is childish whining!

This is leading into a monologue...

"That's right, I'm a phony! The way I look, the way I feel, everything!"

"Even my evil glow animations are just ripoffs of yours!"

"But nothing changes... I'm still just empty!"

Greg raises his knockoff soul eater in a gesture of desparation.

"As long as you're around, I'll never be anything better than a shadow!"

ROUND 2 FIGHT! *ding ding*

Well this shouldn't be so bad, I mean Greg's already been beaten up by Sora, what 4 times and by Riku 2 or 3... He's gotta be showing some fatigue.

Ah! That hurt you--

Ow right in the face...

I didn't feel a thing, honest-

Why is it all fading...?

"No... Not yet..."

I saw this screen a lot to bring this fight to you. I left Greg's last moments intact at the end, because I'm sappy like that.

I reccommend being around lvl 45-50 for this, not lvl 32. Note the 3 enemy cards used. If not used in that order I can't beat him at that level. First, attack booster maleficent, burn down HP bar one. Second, Regen with Oogie because you're probably beat up by now. Third, Jafar's attack bracer makes your cards unbreakable giving you 25 cards of spam to burn down that last bar.

Greg is no joke, I consider him the second hardest boss in the game, and that's not even really counting the fact that you have no Mickey cards to heal with and one of the most retarded forced decks imaginable. My main advice in this fight is don't let him pin you to a corner, or he will rape you silly, and sleight all those really low cards (under 4) out as soon as you can. Nothing like having him break into your combo and ruin your offense because you played a 1. A lot of this fight is luck. If Greg throws a bunch of Firaga's at you, and stuns you repeatedly in a corner, you will die and that deck will not do a damn thing to stop it.

I'm so happy I never have to fight him again but still...

Emo till the very end...

Don't stab a guy to death then ask him how he feels Riku, that's just bad taste.

This sure is taking a while.

Did you give him a gut wound Riku? I mean, fatal wounds should be bleeding out by now.

Yeah, that'll make him feel better.

And so, with the passing of Greg, a chapter closes forever in the history of Kingdom Hearts, never to be mentioned or noted outside this very game. RIP Greg, you were truly the best psychotic-mind controlled-killer-emo-clone ever.

Be sure to tune in next time for way too many and a special guest appearance by our comatose main hero in-

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