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Part 28: Episode 28: Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves

I was hoping for some kind of post whining about the horrible teaser. I am sad now. Ah well, lets see what our dear dear friend Riku has to say for himself.

Episode 28: Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves


This isn't the top floor silly! How are we supposed to have an epic reunion midway through the game?


Yeah! We at least remember that much!

Oh... Well that's kinda true isn't it.

Oh no they got to Riku too... Namine' this, Namine that. She's not what you think she is guys!

That wasn't nice Riku.

It can't be since she never lived on the Islands to begin with.

Oh, I see now. Mid-game reunions are only ok under one condition.

When they devolve into mid-game angsty-drama bossfights! Riku's sporting his old heartless suit from KH1 here, and it still looks completely retarded.

Nice skirt by the way!

Ok I promise I won't make fun of your emo hair and your girly skirt anymore. Now come on lets talk this over nicely.

No? Oh dear then its time for BOSS-10---RIKU.

Riku is a really straightforward fight he doesn't sleight or do anything complicated (yet...) Look guys I've got enough HP to tick over into a second bar!

He has the incrementor buff which ups his cards a couple numbers. Beat on each other till one of you drops is the name of the game here. Oh sometimes his hits can temporarily stun you but it's nothing terrible.

BONUS MATERIAL---Boss 10- Riku

We get the Aero card for beating him.

Have you been hanging around Leon too long Riku? I mean maybe we should get that ellipsitis looked at.

I guess he doesn't want to.

"Riku, where are you?!"

He used to be really tough but he turned into a pansy all of a sudden...

"We saw to that."

Hey Sora... About that... Nah never mind.

Good point Donald.

Stupid girls, getting in the way of perfectly good friendships.

'cuz I'm pretty sure he just tried to kill me...

"But don't forget, we're in Castle Oblivion.
People lose thier memory in here a little bit at a time.
Riku's probably forgotten that he and you were friends, that's all."

I never really saw Riku and Sora as 'friends' per se. More rivals. They respect each other but they never looked that close. I guess guys would understand better than me.

"So instead of being sad let's figure out a way to make Riku remember.
It's not like you to mope, let's work together and get through this."

Well thats pretty flimsy logic there Jiminy but hell, why not.

Yeah, that sucked Sora try harder.



YEAH! I mean, eheh... I guess that's it for now folks, we'll pick up next time with Atlantica, unless a horde of Neverland lovers emerge from lurkerland.

Also I'm going to show you all our new toys from the Pooh book and revamp my deck for more Heartless mangling action next time in-

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