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Part 50: Episode 50: Promises, Part 1

Rin you are a tiny ray of sunshine in the depths of hell.

Huge update today folks, I will be splitting it down the middle. I'm going to go get dinner after this and then I'll follow up with part 2 later tonight.

Episode 50: Promises, Part 1

Don't look so surprised Donald. Sora's the man.

I spoke too soon.

Oh come on none of you expected that to be the end of it did you? Last guy in KH had like 6 final stages... Marluxia wasn't going to go down after a single one.

Yeah, yeah, no one cares.

Greg, (who tragically, is genetically unable to be of assitance outside cutscenes,) stabs the shit out of Marluxia... who explodes into flower petals.

No you aren't allowed to be useful. That was a good try though.

Doors. I like doors, they have keyholes. And keyholes mean something. They mean locking and unlocking. Like hearts. No, let's just stick with doors.

So Namine'. Since you know where the 'real' Marluxia is, it stands to reason that you knew the one holding you hostage was a fake. Thanks for the information.

That was just overdramatic Sora.

Hold on, there's something important we have to take care of first.

Ok, but his name is Greg.

So... Fight a crazy flower-obsessed fruitcake, or chill here and hang out with the blonde.

The choice is clear.

We're let out of the cutscene now, but before we go into the FINAL BATTLE!!! we can get a lovely pep-talk from all our friends. And Greg.





Last chance to back out guys! ARE YOU READY?

Of course we are.

It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

Did you guys hear something?

I swear I could hear some king of buzzing noise. Sounds mechanical...

Oh. Oh no. He didn't honestly...

Yes. Yes he did. In a throwback to the older Final Fantasy series, the Marluxia-LoveBot2000 is fought on a scrolling background. Sora can still walk up and down on the screen. It has a lot of attacks, mostly variations of the last fight with Marluxia on the ground.

First, we need to take out the Scythe-arms in the lower section of the LoveBot. These can do the Deathscythe sleight, but shouldn't because you should be beating the shit out of them. He can also do the Flower Blossom at any point but it's really rare and it still hits for crap.

Marluxia will be spitting out flower buds that shoot lasers at you periodically throughout the fight. These are annoying because they are targettable and Sora will autotarget them instead of the boss. They have too much HP to bother killing but breaking one of Marluxia's attacks will nuke one.

Alright scythe arms are down, Trinity Limit does good damage to them, but you won't be doing it after this phase.

Now Marluxia's main attacks are running you over and slamming you with the LoveBot. These are not very difficult to break with your normal attack cards, he doesn't sleight so 0's are almost worthless in this fight.

All aboard the fruitcake-mobile! Breaking his attempts to run you over lets you jump up onto the back of the LoveBot, and smack him a few times. The wind and the lasers make staying up here impossible and reloading up here will make you fall off.

The reason this fight takes so long is that you can only hit Marluxia on the face when he's in neutral stance directly after breaking an attack. He's not even targetable unless you break him and then only for 1-2 seconds.

Four full HP bars of slow whittling...

And he explodes into sakura petals at the end anyways. This WAS the real one though, and that's the last we'll ever see of him in the series. He doesn't even get a goodbye speech.

Ah well. Goodbye forever ya pansy. You shall not be missed.

Sora, Donald and Goofy run out and Sora seals the door with the Keyblade.

I'm sure standing there with Namine' was terribly life-threatening Sora.

"I can't remember when I created, or why..."

Well I can't remember being born either, ya know.

We just killed Marluxia, this is happy fun-time. Stop being emo.

Alright my buzz is completely gone and I'm pissed.

Don't you fucking walk away now!

"I don't have to be real to see how real your feelings are."

With that small smile, Greg turned and walked away, never to be seen in the Kingdom Hearts series again. I like to think he settled down somewhere and had a nice life.

Saying it over and over won't make him Riku, or bring him back.

On that note, let's take a short break. Be back soon!