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Part 59: Episode 8: The Truth Is Out There

You know I've actually heard the ducktales theme in Finnish I think. I forgot about that.

Episode 8: The Truth Is Out There

Riku's Diary, Excerpt 25
Mood: Sneaky
I swear I just heard myself screaming somewhere far off. I don't really care what happens to that punk, but it was still creepy. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. Olympus... This was where Cloud fought Hercules. Another good person working for the Darkness, but he snapped out of that a lot sooner than I did. Why was I so weak?

The deck this time... at first I thought it was a joke. 1234567891111111. Why throw a bunch of 1's on the end? Then I checked the enemy card for the level. A powerwild card, it flips the card values for a reload. That means all the 1's turn into 9's. This is truly the most powerful deck I've come across so far, but only for a single load.

Now to see if I can resist the darkness, and the sweet power in sleighting those 9's.

Riku succumbs to the power of Darkness and Hades is Dark Aura'd down in seconds. This would probably be a difficult fight if you didn't realize what all those 1's were really for.

Poor Riku, all this plot is happening around him and he gets to see none of it.

And here we have the 'new' and 'improved' Greg 2.0, remodeled for maximum white knightitude. I want to say this is how Sora first encounters him, but he has the charm already (which I think he aquired somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd fight with Sora) so I'm not 100% certain.

This translates to: "Namine' is feeling really guilty for knowingly siding with these people but she's not gonna do anything about it. She feels really bad though so it's ok!"

Yes Greg, wave the object that signify's her guilt in front of her face, that'll make her feel so much better.

Get to da choppah! Arnold references aside, Greg wanders off to get his ass kicked by Sora again.

"The good luck charm was an especially nice touch.
I didn't know you could use memories to transform objects like cards into keepsakes.
Just like you changed Kairi's good luck charm.
It won't be long before Sora forgets her completely! And then he'll be yours to--"

"No matter how much I change his memory Sora will never forget Kairi.
Memories of me just make his feelings for Kairi stronger. Because...
Because I'm her shadow."

It all makes sense in hindsight, doesn't it?

"Rewrite Sora's Heart, and you can be somebody, not just the shadow of somebody.
In Sora's heart, you can be real."

I guess this is a pretty huge temptation for Namine'. Even though she knows what she's doing is wrong, she just wants to be loved. That doesn't excuse her actions but it does explain them.

Riku's Diary, Excerpt 29
Mood: Depressed
That fight with Hades... I tried to beat him straight up but he was just too strong. When I tapped the Darkness he went down before I knew what happened. I got a card which ups card attack power when my health is low off him, but Maleficent's is still stronger and safer. I just don't know what to think anymore. The Darkness is part of what makes me strong, but I've been running away from it...

Ugh... 345345345345. Yeah I'm gonna kill anything with that. I don't care what Ansem says I'm sneaking through this place and not fighting anything. It's not worth it. The enemy card ups defense for one load which is useless since I have all of 12 cards per load. Hopefully the next world isn't so lame.

Trickmaster is one of the tougher fights because he can break basically everything you have. Maleficent and Oogie cards should see you through ok. Just noting that I've been doing a low level playthrough to make the bosses more interesting. Riku here is mid 20's, he should be mid 30's or higher by now.

Don't look so sad, he's in a better place now.

How do you know that? Does he smell like blood or something? Well O.13 members don't bleed they disintigrate so maybe he smells like particles. Vexen particles. You know what, I'm not gonna try to explain Zexion's mind powers. He's a plot device character and as such is worthless except to recap things we already know.

"His strength exceeds Vexen's, and yet surely Namine' has subverted him by now.
It's only a matter of time before he ends up Marluxia's puppet."

Vexen is probably the second weakest straight fighter on the team, (Zexion being the first, opinion of course) so I really don't see why anyone is surprised he got his ass kicked. Everyone underestimates the kid in the puffy red shorts.

Oh yeah that'll work. Bring it suckas!

"If Marluxia is to hold the light, then we will hold the dark."

Or we could actually give Riku a non-recycled boss fight. That would be cool too.

Do you want to?

We'll finish off Riku's world cards next time in-

Episode 9: Of Oceans and Islands