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Part 4: Peragus: Take Your Protein Pills and Put Your Helmet On

So last time we left our talkative droid behind, and we're trying to get to the dormitory to find some survivors and possibly a way out of here. The whole place is locked down so the only way over there is a walkway outside the Peragus asteroid.

Space suit time! Those of you who played KOTOR 1 remember those annoying as hell space suit/diving suit sequences where you walked. Like. This. Every. Step. And. Took. Forever to get anywhere.

They 'fixed' it in this game by making it so after you press forward for a few seconds, time suddenly speeds up and your feet start moving like in those old Roadrunner cartoons.

It doesn't make a lot of sense, but apparently Obsidian was annoyed with those sequences as everyone else was.

Nice shot of the outside. Here's a concept art shot for comparison. That stripey stuff underneath the window is NOT suppose to be there, I think my video card was overheating a little.

Pretty much dead on.

As you walk past, these exhaust vents will blast you for damage. I think you're suppose to time it so they turn off before you walk past, but fuck it.

Hey look it's Atton. Maybe we can sneak past and ditch his worthless ass on this rock.

No luck.

"Huh? What are you doing out there? You're crazy. Even for a Jedi. Look, you need to get out of there... quick."

"That's what I wanted to tell you - the few remaining venting systems have gone active, most likely from the explosions in the mining tunnels."
"Why are the vents placed so close to the exterior scaffolding?"
"That's just it - they're not supposed to be active when the airlock's opened - and not without the safety measures kicking in."

Well we'll take comfort in that while we're burned alive next.

Oh hey, more bad news!

It's the Harbinger, the Republic capital ship we got kidnapped from in the first place.

har·bin·ger [hahr-bin-jer] -noun
1. a person who goes ahead and makes known the approach of another; herald.
2. anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign: Frost is a harbinger of winter.
3. a person sent in advance of troops, a royal train, etc., to provide or secure lodgings and other accommodations.

It's a more appropriate name than the Endar Spire. What the hell is an Endar Spire anyway?

Interior shot of the ship. Hey look, piles of dead bodies here too! What else is new.

Zombie face, glowing red eyes. It's quite clear that he's a good guy who's come to help us.

And it's nice enough to pull up right beside us.

What the hell is this? The camera totally bugging out here.

The walkway extends out to the ship and the slides into the dock.

More bugginess. What the fuck is wrong with the ground here?


Clearly Jesus's oxygen supply is leaking and he must flee this place.

We're in the dormitory levels now, where we can hopefully find some survivors. More robots await. We just got Force Shock so we can ZAP ZAP ZAP.

Force Lightning is overpowered even at this level.

And the droids here have carbonite guns. Why do mining droids have flamethrowers and carbonite guns anyway?

Even the fire extinguishers are turning on Jesus.

The dormitories are locked. That means the miners are all safe inside, right?

That's a lot of gas in there; we'll have to turn it off to take a better look.

Oh hay everyone here's dead too.

Okay, the gimmick is that the dormitory level is locked down, and the only way out is via a passcode. One of these idiots lying around must have the code.

The main thing is to run around looting corpses for these little holovids they have on their body. There's also all kinds of nice loot in their rooms but Jesus keeps that on the down low.

Thou shall not steal is the eighth commandment, after all.

First up is the facility administrator.

"Just finished helping the dock officer set up the transmission relay. Not much signal strength, but it's better than nothing."

Oh that was easy. Let me write this down. 3, 17, 13...

3, 17, 13...

"No good - the link to the medical computer was severed from the hub, just like the administration console."
"I wish we could contact the Jedi, maybe he could... but no, he's still floating in that damn tank."

If only you had telepathy like Kreia.

"Someone's played us for fools - and since Coorta and his crew aren't locked in here with us, it's pretty clear who it was. If I ever catch up with that Mandalorian-loving son of a..."
"At least the air scrubbers are still working, even though they're tied into the..."

3, 17, 13...

Next up is the mine's foreman. Who's an alien that looks like this . Maybe he has the last 2 numbers of the code.

"The fight frequency increases - Coorta and his crew think we should take the Jedi, then split the many credits by selling Jedi to Exchange. Tried to convince me to join them!"
"In my mind, it is better letting a Jedi go where ever a Jedi wants to go. When Jedi get mad, they start big wars, set galaxy on fire."
"Why do they do this? I am thinking of repeating this to the administration officer, but that will cause more trouble, cause more inefficiency! What do I do?"
"I heard last comm talk from Coorta to maintenance officer. Maintenance officer said he had big plan for disabling station, leaving us all trapped here while he and Coorta escape with the Jedi!"

But we already met the maintenance officer... as a corpse. And he certainly wasn't responsible for this mess. Hmmm...

It's our friend Judas again. Maybe he's to blame.

So we've gathered all the clues, it's time to solve the puzzle. We have to figure out what numbers these symbols represent:


We already know the first 3 numbers as 3, 17, 13, so...

Oh wait, if your character's Intelligence is too high, then it TOTALLY RUINS THE PUZZLE FOR YOU. As if the game isn't already easy enough.

Way to blow it, Obsidian.

Pressing on, we find the body of Judas. Guess he wasn't as clever as he thought after all.

It's the maintainence officer's voice over the com. But he's already dead at this point, wasn't he? So who's talking?

"Try the code again - and don't worry about the miners and their transmission, by the time help arrives, we'll be all the way to Nar Shaddaa."

It's too late for redemption dude.

"Not all of them. But I'm sending a number of mining droids to your location right now to correct that problem."
"Coorta, this turbolift's locked down - the sequence isn't working."

"You? It was never about you - the Jedi is all that interests me."
"But then you had to ruin everything by revealing her identity, and then trying to harm her. And that I cannot allow."

At this point the voice changes to HK's.

God, HK is such a badass.

Note to villains: don't start monologuing, even after everyone's dead. Time to figure out the reverse code now and carefully ent-

Oh for fuck's sakes. Having a high Intelligence ruins everything again.

In case you're wondering, destroying the console opens the door too.

So technically, I think you can just skip all the other crap on this level, beeline to this console, blow it up without using any of the skills or codes, and leave. You don't get any experience for that though.

The way to the docked ship is clear, we'll have to make a run for it.


Da da duh.

Although, my criticism here is that they showed the Sith here a bit too early, before the HK storyline is done. You get distracted and then by the time HK reappears, you've kinda half forgotten him at that point.

Ugh, this idiot again.

"Atton, there's no time to explain - grab a weapon, and follow me."
"Uh... all right. I'm guessing that Republic ship that just docked isn't carrying friends of yours."

Not so fast.

"Are you the one who killed all the miners in the medical bay?"

I love the HKs, and the whole Peragus level up to the point shows why.

In KOTOR 1, if you had high enough Repair skill you could get extra dialogue with HK47, and he would tell you a series of stories about his previous masters, which were all variations on the classic "Genie in a Bottle" tale. Boy finds a genie (or killer robot), boy makes a wish, wish goes horribly wrong; dark humour ensues. While the stories are fun and HK47 brags a lot about his capabilities, you don't really get a sense of what it would have been like to been on the ground level of one of HK47's rampages.

Until now. He lands on Peragus unprepared, and within days he's managed to gas, poison, and shoot like, a hundred people without anyone suspecting.

"Who is this client of yours?"

"I don't want to fight you, but I will if you leave me no other choice."

Here we go, the climatic fight.

He spawns with these 4 little floating mines that like to explode all over you, but if you shoot them fast enough they blow far away, and you don't get injur-


The rest is pretty easy, especially with Energy Resistance. He does heal to full if you don't kill him fast enough though. Trivia: the door behind him does in fact lead to the maintainence bay where you first meet him. So it's not like he comes out of nowhere.

He also does this self destruct thing that would fuck over anyone in melee range. A few ZAP ZAP ZAPs work well to finish him off.

Goodbye, HK. You rocked.

Now as promised, here's the character screens.

Consulars aren't as good with lightsabers and such, but makes up for it with Force Lightning spam.

We put a little into everything to get the base bonus, and also to trigger some extra options in dialogues.

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