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Part 2: Ethan Explains it all 2 - Witches 'n' Guns 'n' Stuff

Howdy y'all, here's some stuff that happens explained in some more detail!

Rolling Panic Event: In L4D1, most panic events were most effectively (and boringly) dealt with by holding up in a defensible position and waiting for it to stop. In L4D2 some events require you to do something to stop them, in the case of Dead Centre 2 it is grabbing the cola from the store and depositing it in the slot for Whitaker. The event ends and your path is opened up, thanks crazy gun guy!

Wandering Witches: In the night-time maps of L4D2 Witches will be their regular stationary selves, but during the day-time maps they'll shuffle around instead. Wandering Witches have a massively reduced sensor range and you have to rub up against them for a long time or shoot them to set them off. They're also very easy to Cr0wn because you have plenty of time to line up your shot before they turn aggressive.

Laser Sights: An item you pick up and attach to your gun! It increases the accuracy of your weapon and shows everyone where you're pointing, which is nice for avoiding friendly fire.

Special Bullets: These replace your medkit, but you'd never want to actually give up your medkit so they usually get used where you find them. Once deployed everyone gets a single use of the bullets. This gives you a full clip/magazine/whatever of the special ammo. There are Incendiary and Explosive versions! Incendiary obviously set everything on fire, which is nice for confusing the witch, because she targets whoever set her on fire. Explosive are, well..explosive. They stun and knockback Special Infected (great in Versus) and are otherwise like a tiny pipebomb explosion. If you shoot the wall or floor next to yourself with explosive bullets the tiny explosion can be enough to take you down on the higher difficulties, so be careful!

Here's a big idiot gun thing

And this is the short version:

Tier 1
Uzi - Same as it ever was.
SMG - Higher rate of fire, lower accuracy. Silenced.
Pump Shotgun - Same as it was, though tweaked a little.
Chrome Shotgun - Tighter spread.

Tier 2
M16 - High rate of fire, low damage. Same as it was really. Average of the rifles.
AK-47 - Slow firing, low accuracy, high damage.
Desert Rifle - Burst-fire, high accuracy, very long reload.

Tactical Shotgun - The old one, with some tweaks.
Combat Shotgun - a bigger and stronger version of the Chrome Shotgun except it is black.

Sniper's Rifle - Finally a Sniping weapon in the L4D series! Dunno why it took so long.

Special Weapons!
Grenade Launcher - It's a grenade launcher. No refills.
And there's another one that we haven't seen yet!

Secondary Weapons (pistol slot)
Magnum Pistol -Deagle. One shot one kill on regular infected no matter what. Powerful, but slow to fire.
Melee Weapons - Hit things with other things.
Chainsaw - Works as you'd expect, very powerful and has limited fuel.