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Legend of Mana

by Mega64

Part 34: The Fallen Emperor

Today I visited Gato to investigate the disturbance with the faeries. I found out the long-haired man I met was named Escad, and he was friends with both the cat-woman Daena and a woman named Matilda, an abbess turned old by a demon's curse. One of the demon's henchmen kidnapped Matilda, and I went with Daena and Escad to search for her. Eventually we found the foe in a secret room with a giant red carpet.

We then slew the foe and recovered the abbess. I don't think this is going to be over any time soon, though. Between this and the Jumi, I need to get stronger. I think I'll start at the forge.


I remember when this place was empty. How things have changed in the past few months!

I've mastered the art of the fist, and I've found that its biggest flaw is a lack of range. I hope to compensate for that with the spear. That gold from the desert will make a fine material for it.

It's definitely a step up from my rock gloves. My foes just get tougher, so I have to constantly keep my weaponry in top shape, though I'm agile enough to get by with weaker armor.

I'm worried war may start soon. I also wish to help the Jumi fight off their threats. I need to get stronger.

I get the feeling this artifact could lead me to a place where I could get stronger.

Wh...what is this!? Is this really the gate to the Underworld?

Onward, I guess...

Was that a spirit? I must...

Oh blast!




I am Larc. Dragoon of Drakonis.

Larc, huh... The name sounds familiar.

A... Dragoon, you say?
A knight who serves a dragon. If you want to know more, you should come down below with me.
You've caught my interest. Let's go.

Maybe I can find a way to get stronger down here.

Plus this guy looks more than capable in a fight.

Huh, wonder what those guys are.

Your shadows♪ The world's shadows♪ The Underworld's shadows♪

Shadoles, huh?

So what exactly is a Shadole?
We're like shadows. Shadows of everything! You'll be one of us, too!

I sure hope not.

So where exactly am I?
The Underworld is the Underworld! Bodiless souls wander its halls!
What's with the giant tombstone?
That's the register of everyone who's gonna die! I bet your name was on it, too!

Alright, I'm done talking with you. I'm off to find better company.

I'm not much a fan of the decor here, though I guess it is appropriate.

Nothing I haven't seen before, though it does give me an excuse to try out my new spear. I like being able to hit from far away with the thing.

I suppose we'd better go see Olbohn.


You must report to Olbohn first, or else you won't be able to get around. Olbohn's chambers are near here. He is a Wisdom, the manager of departed souls. He keeps the dead from getting out of hand.

A Wisdom, huh? Maybe I should bring Bud here later to talk to him.

Wait, that's a terrible idea.

Olbohn's certainly...different from how I imagined him.

Very different.

Larc, Dragoon of Drakonis.
Why do you bother me, bringing this person down here?
As a dragoon, I must follow the will of my master.
But this time you've brought quite a lively one...

I would love to help out if you had a nice spot for me.

Wait, evil?

If you really mean it, then give permission to perform the Baptism of Flames. But if those words were meant to insult my master, then mind you...

The Shadole will guide you.

Baptism of Flames? Evil plans? I'm really starting to have second thoughts about this place.

Go and do as you please. So long as your spirit is free, you shall not become a Shadole.

At least that's one less thing to worry about.

Where to?

I'd like to partake in the Baptism of Flames, please.
Once the baptism is done, closed doors'll open. Ask the Shadoles there to perform the Baptism.

Each room I go to gets creepier...

...and creepier.

So, what's on your mind?
We have permission. Perform the Baptism of Flame.


Now you can go to the bottom levels.

Yeah... Let's do that.

Hey, isn't that Rubens? It seems so long ago that I watched him die to the jewel thief.

The Jumi will survive! We do not exist simply to be stolen. We can live without Florina, and without Pearl. I will not give up until the last Jumi is broken!

It's nice to see he still has faith in his people. I guess not even death can curb optimism.

Anyway, time to venture further down here.

Already picking up some tricks with this thing!


Are you ready?
I'm always ready.
Here we go!

Video: Boss - Hitodama

OK, I don't think this place can get any creepier.

...That's it? This is the foe I'm facing?

It's a crafty one, able to phase in and out as necessary.

Ack! It's manipulating the faces!

I'm not letting you get away that easily!

Take that!

Bring me a challenge next time!


Wow, what a view. I've definitely never seen anything like this before in my travels.

Prepare yourself, for my master comes.

Yes, my lord.

So that's Drakonis...

My name is Drakonis. I summoned you for a reason.

Your power was stolen by dragons? Just who were you to be that powerful?
Long ago on the surface, I was once the Emperor of Dragons. But three jealous dragons stole my powers. I was made to wander the Underworld in this weakened form. I awaited the coming of one who could defeat the three dragons in my stead.
So, what my master wants is for you to defeat the three dragons.

I don't know, sounds like a fishy story to me. I don't trust this guy.

Because if we leave you as a half-spirit... will eventually turn to nothingness.
I could not stand letting so strong a warrior fade away. If you defeat the three dragons, I will return you to your previous form.

So I'll eventually fade away if I don't help him slay these dragons. When you put it that way...

Alright, I'll slay these dragons.
I am indebted to you, strong warrior.

Ah, the land of the living! How I've missed this place!

We are off to hunt the Dragons of Knowledge. They think they protect order in the world, but we do not need their domination.

Yeah, I'm definitely working for the bad guys in this one.

But do not forget: this is an important opportunity to test your powers.

Or that I'll cease to exist if I don't follow along. Of course, it could just be a sham, but do I really want to take that risk?