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Part 39: The Seven Wisdoms

I went to Gato to visit Matilda, who sent me to find Daena. After finally getting a lead to Lake Kilma, I ran into Daena, who wanted to go to the land of faeries to meet a demon named Irwin. She ended up entering the land of Faeries, while I had to fight some magic hound.

...You know, I've been visiting the Wisdoms a lot lately. Perhaps I should tell you more about them. Let me find a seat downstairs and then I'll tell you about them.

There we go. This all began months ago, all the way back to when I first adopted Bud and Lisa. Bud told me a bit about himself.

I've heard of the Seven Wisdoms of Mana. Except one died, so now there are only six. I sure would like to meet them someday... I wonder where they are...

So I agreed to do so, partly to make him feel more at home, and partly because I wanted an excuse to meet them myself.

So began the quest to meet the seven...err, six wisdoms.

Gaeus was the first Wisdom I introduced Bud to, as I met him before and knew he wouldn't be going anywhere.

Hello, Bud. There was a great mage named Halciet long, long ago. His name is not mentioned in history, but he was much larger than me in many ways.

Gaeus didn't really say much other than mentioning the name of another wizard. I don't see how that would help Bud, but he seemed too appreciative of meeting a Wisdom to really notice, so I didn't bring it up.

The next Wisdom we met was Pokiehl. He travels a lot, so we were quite lucky to run into him.

Hello, Bud. The Goddess is always doing her best to help us. All we need to do is find out what she has done for us.

Pokiehl's advice was a bit more insightful, but also not really very helpful. I guess there's power in enlightenment, though that's not my thing.

The third Wisdom we met was the tortoise Tote. After we helped him off his back, Bud immediately asked for advice.

Hello, young'un. You don't need to listen to Wisdoms to become a great mage. The grass, water, rocks, and wind... Listen to what they say.

Tote's advice made the most sense yet, in that he was telling Bud to ignore what the other Wisdoms were saying. Plus, it makes more sense to pay attention to the sources of Mana than to a bunch of old guys, some of whom I'm starting to suspect to not really be that wise at all.

Next up was the famous warrior beast, Rosiotti. We ran into him while trying to navigate the massive maze of the jungle.

Hello, Bud. The air is filled with Mana energy. Empty your heart of any thoughts, and feel its flow.

Rosiotti's advice was by far the most useful yet, which makes sense considering he's a warrior foremost. It's nice to hear some practical advice for once.

Next was Olbohn, leader of the Underworld. It probably wasn't the wisest idea to bring Bud down to the land of death, but he wanted to meet all the Wisdoms.

Hello, Bud. Know that you can do anything you wish. And do not forget that you are a human being, just like any other.

Leave it to the ruler of death to give Bud the most inspirational speech of the bunch. While his advice didn't have much information, hopefully Bud can carry the message with him. Assuming he's even listening to any of their advice, of course.

The final Wisdom we met was Selva of the Four Winds. I didn't have a clue he'd be around Gato, but Bud seemed to have an idea considering how windy Gato was. Apparently Selva only recently started showing up because of the start of a new era or whatever, but I didn't pay it much mind because I was happy to be almost done with the whole thing.

Hello, Bud. Children are always a little bit outside of the flow of history. They always have ideas on how they can make up for the adults' mistakes. Your childhood memories will help you throughout your magic career.

Selva's advice was somewhat useful, encouraging Bud to continue gaining new experiences as a child to bolster his later adventures.

All that being said, I don't think Bud actually even listened to any of the Wisdoms' advice. He was so enamored to meet them that he just pretended to listen when they spoke.

Which is fine with me, because based on their advice I'm starting to think this whole "Wisdom" thing is hogwash.