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Part 50: Pee-Wee Birdie

I had an interesting experience with a doppleganger today. Someone who looked just like me went around town pulling leaves off of Sproutlings! He was also a jerk to other people, even Teapo, who he threatened to build an anthill on!

Turns out he was just some Shadow Zero who wanted to rule the world with pumpkins. Naturally, I convinced him otherwise by slamming my sword into his skull a few times. At least that nasty business is over with. Now to check on my new stable addition.


A Cockatrice, huh? Not bad.

Avenger sounds like a good name for a bird/snake hybrid. One could avenge the other. Or something.

Of course, with a new addition, it also means I have to sell one of my old pets to keep space. Oh well, at least Audrey II is worth a decent bit of Lucre.

At any rate, time to check out my new traveling companion!

As a monster that survives through use of its own petrification powers, I could probably benefit from staying near it to avoid turning to stone myself.

At any rate, I still have a bunch of artifacts taking room. Now that mana's flowing a bit more freely, I could probably get away with dumping them all off at once and visiting them later. It certainly beats lugging these things around with all the other random junk I've been finding.

First off is this rusty anchor. This is definitely the first thing I want to get rid of today.

Looks to be a nice, scenic place. Perhaps I'll head there soon.

I remember Trent giving me this seed. It's a shame I've been letting it go to waste for so long, but perhaps if I place it near the Tree of Mana it will grow up quickly.

This looks to be a peaceful little area. I'm liking these new lands so far.

As for this thing, I'm tired of it poking me in the back wherever I go. Let's get rid of it!

...Yeah, I definitely need to go there as well. It's been awhile since I had a proper vacation, especially with all the adventuring I've been doing the past few months.

I wouldn't want a powerful tome like this to get its pages torn due to my adventures. Might as well take care of this one, too!

Ah! So this is the magical city of Geo I've been hearing so much about! I'd definitely love to go there when I have the time.

Finally, I have this cane Larc gave me awhile ago. I still need to take care of those dragons, but I figure I can take some time to relax before I get back to that. I doubt anyone else will be killing that last dragon anyway.

Ah, a nice forest! Simple, but I like it. Certainly better than the grim places I've been to lately.

I think I'll go ahead and check out that Orchard first. I'm interested in seeing the offspring of Trent, at any rate.

Wow, it looks just like my backyard! that Trent?

Could this be the first time we met?

OK, so it's not Trent, though he does bear a striking resemblence to him.

But I do know that Trent regained the Mana flow...... ...because of you. Yes, yes, I know this. It is because all of us plants have the deepest connection with each other. Yes, yes, it is also because of you. Because of you, I exist here, now.

Uh, you're welcome!

With that business out of the way, this looks to be another place to plant my seeds. Since this place is closer to the Mana Tree than my home, I'd imagine the plants I grow here would mature much faster, which is handy. Plus I could still grow crops at home, speeding things up quite a bit.

Now if only I ever actually did anything with these crops I grew. I keep forgetting to feed them to my pets!

Now, where do I want to go first?

...Ah yes! I remember talking to Miss Yuka a few days ago. Now, what was it...


Blast it! He's not here either. Oh, here comes Miss Yuka. Maybe she knows where my doppleganger went.

She said Menos Bronze, Baobab Wood, Animal Hide, Topple Cotton, Flat Seed, Citrisquid, Rotten Meat... and Sulpher!

Bah, I don't have time for this! I'll get to it later.


I might as well do it now while I'm thinking about it. Pretty sure I have most of the ingredients anyway.

...Hold on. Before I talk to her, let me make sure.

Aha! Missing the Menos Bronze and Topple Cotton. Not a big deal, as I recall them being sold somewhere nearby...

Ah yes! In this very inn, no less!

It's only a few hundred Lucre, and now I've got all the ingredients I need.

Menos Bronze, Baobab Wood, Animal Hide, Topple Cotton, Flat Seed, Citrisquid, Rotten Meat...and Sulpher! Let me have them!
It's not like I'm going to do anything with this stuff...

Uhhh...glad to help!