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Part 51: Drowned Dreams

So I ran into Miss Yuka, who needed help getting items to hatch her pet, Pee-Wee.

So I got them. Yeah... Sorry that tale wasn't very exciting.


Alright, so I've got all that out of the way. Now I can explore these new lands properly. I think I'll check out the harbor first, get a taste of sea life before I dive in, so to speak.

You know, I've never really seen the sea, nonetheless visited a port town. I like it. Nice, pleasant atmosphere to it.

I think I'll check out the market, first.

Ooh, the VizelGold is tempting, but I'll hold off for now. Pretty pricey and all that.

Why, was there a ghost or something?

Ghosts? Aw, someone's just pulling a prank.

Wait, there really is a "ghost?" Maybe I shouldn't jest so much.

That ghost is just somebody's trick. I can't believe everyone is getting so worked up over it.

I don't know, I've certainly seen many ghosts in my travels.

...Why would I bother buying the material itself when I could just buy the weapons instead for half the price?

Enough shopping. I want to check out the bay!

I wonder what that guy's doing there.

I am investigating the imperial ship that sank ten days ago.

Sunken ship, huh? I wonder if it's related to the ghost.

That said, I could've sworn I've seen someone much similar before, back in the Bone Fortress. I wonder if he hails from there.

Next up it that giant building in the center of this harbor.

Pretty fancy, though the nautical theme is a bit overdone.

Our security is top-notch. Inspector Boyd is on patrol. We look forward to serving you.

Boyd, huh? I haven't seen him since the Rubens incident at Gato months ago.

see something?

I can't take it anymore! Do you know anyone who's not scared of ghosts?

Taking care of the undead has become something of a specialty of mine. I can handle it.
Please! I will reward you!

Right. First thing to do is figure out why there's a ghost around here. If Inspector Boyd is already here, maybe he has some clues already that could help out.

First, let's explore this hotel. There's this massive lobby over here...

Nobody here but a dancer, though.

It's rather hypnotic, actually. I wonder if she's practicing, since there's nobody here right now.

Don't see any clues though. Maybe if I look around outside the hotel?

Oh hey, it's Inspector Boyd!

Any news?

I've heard talk about a ghost around here.
What? A ghost? Bah! No such thing!
Then what are you doing here?
I'm here on vacation! Not work, VACATION!

Well, that's a shame.

Perhaps some of the locals here could help out.

And where better than a local dinery?

Masters of the waves! Searchin' for treasure! Yearnin' for danger! Someday we'll find the sanctuary! I'll take me special lass!

Not as good as from our ship, though!

...Maybe the locals aren't as helpful as I was hoping.

But I have a feeling that my new love is about to begin...


No clues there. Maybe the mermaid or the knight could shine more light onto this mystery.

Welcome to me flower shop! Everything's free, until you buy something.

I love the smell of the ocean. Too bad it makes my hair sticky.

I like mermaids.

I'm not for sale.

...I'm getting the feeling I can't rely on anyone if I want to solve this case.

Still, I get the feeling that this ghost and ship wreck might be connected. So maybe I should drill the knight a bit.

Say, have you heard about the ghost that's supposedly haunting the nearby hotel?
I wonder about the ghost myself...
Just checking. I'm honestly more curious as to this missing ship you're looking for. Maybe I could help?

The weather was fair that day. It truly is a mystery...

A ship full of the Deathbringer's soldiers, huh? It makes me wonder...

In the meantime, I guess that's all I'm getting out of him. Back to the hotel.

Hmm, haven't seen this guy around yet.

Say, I've been hearing rumors about a gh-
Go away. I don't like beggars.

Wow. For someone with such a bizarre appearance, he certainly has quite the attitude. He should really watch his mouth in the future, though.

Is Revanshe performing today?
Yes, she is! Her dancing is even sexier than before!
Alright, I'll rent the whole hall. Here's 50,000 Lucre.
Thank you very much!

What can we do? We've lost all our customers since the ghost came... I'm trying to squeeze that newly-rich fish for all he's worth!
I guess you're right.

So the fish only recently became wealthy, and is a bit of a pervert. Sounds fis-er, suspicious.

Of course, you're mine, too...
Cut it out, stupid fish!

To think, she's still dancing with only this guy in the room. She must be a pro.

Alright, enough of this bozo. I've still got quite a bit to search for. Now that I have a couple of leads, maybe Inspector Boyd could fill me in a bit about these occurences.

What do you know about the one called Basket Fish?
He is so arrogant due to his unbelievable inheritance.
So I've noticed. I've also heard about a ship recently disappearing around here.
I heard it sank. If the weather was clear, maybe it was engine trouble!
Seems pretty suspicious to me. Do you think the shipwreck may be related to this "ghost" problem?
Ah, the one that haunts the Seaside Hotel? What nonsense!

Is there anything else?

You know an awful lot about the going-ons here. Are you really on vacation?
Do you suspect me? You're right... I came here on assignment.

So if you see anyone with blue eyes, report to me immediately.

Hmmm... There's a mermaid who has a bit of magic. Could she be involved?
Oh, the cheerful Miss Flameshe, eh? Her eyes are green.
I see. How about the dancer at the hotel? It's a little odd how she never stops dancing.
Oh, Miss Revanshe? The hotel dancer? She has grey eyes.
The only other person I can think of is a soldier I've seen by the bay. I couldn't get a good look at his eyes due to his helmet, but he seems to be involved with that shipwreck, so he might be a good place to start.

In the meantime, perhaps I'll check the locals to see which ones have blue eyes, as well as investigate that pesky ghost problem.

Do you have any information regarding the shipwreck?
Underestimate the sea at yer own risk!
Right, right!

But there's a guy called Basket Fish... He said he sees everything that happens under the sea.
He's at the Seaside Hotel, drooling over that dancer.
Thanks! I'll go check it out!

So, it seems things are starting to focus on this "Basket Fish" fellow. Everything's coming to a head soon.

Inspector Boyd...?
I've discovered a clue regarding the imperial ship and the hotel ghost!
The imperial ship and the ghost?
What do you think? Would you mind helping me out?
Hmm... Certainly...
Why, thank you, Mr... What was your name?
Right, Mr. Thoma. Let's go.

A clue about the shipwreck and the ghost? The good Inspector's more competent than I thought! I better go check all this out.

I don't know anything... Leave me alone.
Say... I heard you're very wealthy. That's pretty amazing!

And you inherited an incredible jewel? May I see it?
Hmmm, I don't know...
It's called the Blue Eye, and it shows everything that happens in the ocean.
Let me see it, please! It might tell us how the ship...




Polpota may have important clues about it. Our lord has given us permission to use force, if necessary. We must succeed, men!
Yes, sir!!
Back to your posts!

What is the matter?
A sea hag is coming towards us!
A sea hag!? Do not listen to its voice, men!!


How pitiful...

The Blue Eye...!
Alright! I'll give you the eye! Don't curse me...

I was so scared! I didn't know ghosts ran!

My inheritance is gone!
Huh? What about the Blue Eye?
Didn't you see, Inspector? The ghost came and took it away!
Huh!? Ghosts aren't real! Wake up!
What? You were here, weren't you?
Here? Me?

Wait... Bah! I should've noticed this! I can't believe she tricked me!


This is the reward I promised.

I know I kind of bungled this one, but you don't have to be so sarcastic about it.