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Part 69: Diddle Kidnapped!?

I ran into Elazul outside the house earlier, and it turned out Pearl was kidnapped! So we followed a note to the Mekiv Caverns, and found Pearl being held by the jewel thief, Sandra. She scratched Elazul's core, and then a Jumi King or whatever came in and said stuff. Then Pearl transformed into this powerful warrior named Lady Blackpearl, whose mere presence immediately scared away Sandra.

After slaughtering another of her monsters, Sandra escaped, and Lady Blackpearl ran off. Then the King or whatever teleported us back here. Try not to make a lot of noise while Elazul recovers, alright?

Better to let him rest. Of course, this means I can't take a nap, so I guess I'll shack up at Domina for the night.


Huh, so that's what Pee-Wee was. Surprised he has a trinket like this on him.

Other than that, same ol' stuff. Though I wonder if Nouvelle is back from his expedition in the White Forest yet...

...Guess not. When did the Diggers find their way here?

We took over this abandoned building to put it into use! We need more manpower for the expedition to the White Forest. As soon as we secure some capable men, we'll start!

Yeah... Good luck with all that.

Huh, looks like Capella and Diddle made their way back here!

Huh!? Stop sayin' that, or the Shadoles'll take you again!
Oh, I hope not! I don't like the Shadoles.

After it's gone, I feel I don't Exist anymore.
Oh, come on. It'd be borin' to have fun ALL the time. Feel whatever you feel, like sadness and loneliness.
I know. But what I really want to feel is that...

Ha ha! Well, I'M happy! 'Cause I'm not thinkin' 'bout anythin' difficult, like you are!
All I want to do is to be able to help someone...And to make that someone happy. That's all I want.

Diddle... You're gone again!

...Well, guess I better catch the Diggers before they run off with Diddle!

Well, blast. I guess they went ahead to the White Forest. Better catch up with them, then!

Onward, and so forth.

Dudbears! Of course.

Outta my way!

Maybe I shouldn't be such a jerk.

No one can stop us here! Make everything into one big hole! Sir Diddle can make any monster fall asleep!

Capella? What did you come here for?
I came lookin' for you, Diddle! You're not hurt?
No, I'm not hurt. I'm only helping these people here.
Who are you helpin' out?
The Diggers.

Oh no, he saw me!

That is true! No one is really bad in this world. Sometimes what people do goes against what they believe. Isn't that so, Sir Diddle?
See, Capella? He is a nice person.
He's just pretendin' to be a nice person!

What's the matter?

A monster came to attack!?
A monster!?

My name's Capella!

We should all get out of here!

Wait...What's going on? I heard something about a monster or something...Ah, whatever.


Video: Boss - Chimera Lord

Wait, THAT'S the monster they're afraid of? I've fought more fearsome!

You're going to have to do better than that to hit me!

It's been so, so long since I've had a proper challenge. Give me something difficult next time, please.


Oh, yeah!
See? You were being tricked into this.