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Part 75: The Wimpy Thugling

I ran into Elazul at the Tower of Leires, and offered to help him climb up that obnoxious tower to find Pearl. Eventually, we scaled the massive thing and made it to the Room of Fate.

Yeah, a room dedicated to fate, or something. Pearl was there, but so was Lady Blackpearl, who refused to give us Pearl, and we ended up having to fight her to rescue Pearl or something. I also think my furry companion broke at some point. Oh well.


Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with you, but I don't have time to really care.

Instead, I need to up my weapon capabilities. Perhaps I could better beat Lady Blackpearl at her own game if I learn how to properly use her weapon of choice.

This thing certainly feels powerful! I think it can knock enemies out quite a bit quicker than my bow of the same material.

Only one way to test it, though!


Nyah nyah! Tikkle can't do anything!
F-Fine! You know what I will do now!?

Huh? YOU are going to beat Kima?
That's right! I'm gonna crumple him up and shred him into pieces!
Ha ha!!

Huh, this guy doesn't seem aggressive. Looks like another demi-human who could help me beat stuff up.

I gotta get going! There's no time to chat with you!

Huh...Usually demi-humans are eager to join up with me.

Actually, you look strong enough to beat him. Do me a favor, and beat Kima with me! I wanna show them that I'm good at being a monster!

Huh, a fearsome monster, eh? I am always eager for a challenge.

Sure, I'll help you out.

Right, then.

Why do these guys always specialize in weapons I have nothing to do with?

Whoa! The sooner I slay that beast, the better!

Man, slamming this thing into monsters is awesome! I'm incredibly slow, but the power of my swing is worth it.

Hey, wasn't there a sand waterfall here? Guess I'll go this way and see what lies beyond!

Must be getting close! Better get myself ready!

Video: Boss - Kima

I can feel him under me!

Ah, so that's Kima!

Time to take him down!

Hmmm, seems to be preparing an attack of his own.

Man, this guy's tough to fight! It's hard to get a solid hit on him!

Oh crap! Better keep my distance when he's ready to strike!

Bah! I can't even hit him because he keeps pushing me away!

Ack... He sapped some of my strength!

Alright, enough fooling around! Time to go on the offense!

Alright, I've had it!

Evade that!

And take that!

Whew, finally.


Yeah, you would've been screwed without me.

I'm gonna try to become a fighter just like you. I'm not just gonna try to become a hero... I WILL become one!

Heh! Well, it's kinda cool that my actions have inspired others. I'm actually rooting for the little guy to make it!

Can I have what Kima dropped? I think looking at them will give me courage.

The seeds? Eh, I have plenty of them, so he can help himself.

They're all yours!
Really? Thanks!

Next time they pick on me, I'll fight back! It's all because you showed me what real courage is!

I'm glad I made a difference in someone's life today. It's actually a pretty good feeling.