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Original Thread: Something Good is Bound to Happen! The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening


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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening was the fourth Zelda game, and the first handheld one to be released, in August of 1993. Critical reception was great, and the game went on to sell 3.83 million units. It would go on to get rereleased on the Game Boy Color five years later, with a 'DX' tagged on the end of the title and a bonus dungeon for our troubles.

So, what's the story?
Basically, Link gets shipwrecked, and awakes on an island named Koholint. He is unable to leave, because of a mysterious deity, the Wind Fish, is in a deep sleep. Only by awakening it with the eight Instruments of the Siren can Link continue on his journey to where ever the fuck he was headed.
I'd just like to ask, even though it is hardly a deep and nuanced story, and the twist is rather obvious, to keep spoilers to a minimum, just out of the interest of fairness to anyone who is going into this blind.

As far as how the LP is going to be run, I'm shooting for one update a week, with some bonus what's its (item collection videos and what not) coming whenever I put them together. Also, I'm planning on keeping it at least semi-informative, explaining whatever I think facilitates it. Although if I'm ever unclear or don't cover something, feel free to ask away in the thread! Or if Twitter's your thing, I've got that.

And without further ado, the videos

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Full Ballad of the Wind Fish

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