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Part 6: A man of flesh and bone

ultrafilter posted:

Is there any voice acting in this game?

No, there's not much in the way of sound at all in Legie, but on the upside the whole game weighs in at 9mb. Not bad.

As promised, this update focuses on finishing the gold quest. So far, we have everything we need but a bellows for the machine's furnace. Who do we know that has a bellows? If you guessed the blacksmith, well, yeah, he certainly has one. So I can see why you'd think that, but that's wrong.

It's the bagpipe player.

Why not, hear me then: you were always nice to me, let the leather bag pay. Soon I will move to a better land from a city of storms to a sunny grove. I carry a terrible memory - I played my bagpipes to a stony forge, when miner's hearing died of beer! I will say this to the wanderers.
Good, good. Will you lend the bag for a song to a forge?
Just take good care of it, remember my livelihood depends on it!

And he gives us the bag from his bagpipe. If you're worried about his livelihood, don't: we won't be giving it back. We use the pickaxe on the gold seam, and get some ore. After a short stop by the pile of coal in the mine, it's off to the minting machine to solve the final puzzle of the mining quest!

So we put the gears on, and the coal in the furnace. But how do we light it? We can't use our still lit torch, for some reason - using a torch just lights or douses it. Instead, we have to scroll our inventory over the left in order to access a lighter that the game never told us we had.
And that's how you light the furnace.
Use the bellows on it as well, to fuel the flames, and hey presto, twelve gold coins!

But what can we do with our newfound riches? Well, what we have to do is go to the blacksmith. It's time to buy some real weaponry!

What do you need, boy?
I am interested in weapons, large and crippling!
We have a large war club here. If your strength suffices for a nice reach, you can ram a ruffian into the ground with one hit. Then I have a captain's halberd, first class piece. I sharpened it with all the gentleness to perfection, the captain was in the meantime degraded because of drinking. He fell into despair and drunk the rest of the honor and property.

This is a trick on the game's part: there is not enough gold in the game to actually buy the halberd, which costs 16 gold pieces. We can never purchase it, even if we want to.

Would you have some armor?
I make no armor, we have an armorer for that. But his anvil is behind the wall on the other side of town and you will not able to get there, because of the plague. But I have a battered helmet somewhere, that I wanted to melt. And I also have a unfinished chain mail as a collateral, that the tinker left here overdue so we can confiscate it. I will be glad to be rid of it.
I will take the unlucky armor.
Take this tool of destruction!
I want the helmet!
Take this tool of destruction!
I take the club!
Take this tool of destruction!

And our hero is all kitted out in fancy new duds! And it only cost us all twelve gold coins, so that we're now broke again!
Now, I know that seemed like it had absolutely nothing to do with the whole beer situation, or even our whole quest for the book of Satan. Well, since we've killed the old man, a mysterious figure has appeared in his cave system, behind a collapsed tunnel.

Could this be one of the lost monks the old man told us about? Let's try to talk to him.

Who are you?
A man of flesh and bone, who cannot be stopped! People mostly call me - beer here! So I am probably a beer. I am a neophyte of the order, I come with a secret mission!
Step aside, inconsecrated one!

Well, that went nowhere. You can talk to this guy any time after you kill the old man, but he only blocks the way. Can you guess how to solve this puzzle? Of course you can; it's obvious: even though it is is marked as unusable in the inventory with a large X symbol, we go to the inventory and click on our new helmet and

Lo, something carved in ancient letters. "Face of a thousand eyes, arms of a thousand swords..."

That's right, the password to get past this figure is carved on the helmet.

Face of a thousand eyes, arms of a thousand swords...
...and wisdom of a thousand books is a legion on an eternal guard!

And with that, the man disappears, along with the boulder blocking the path. And thank god for that - it looked completely impassible before.
Unfortunately, this is the entrance to the second and final dungeon of Legie. We've done everything we can up to this point - the next update will cover the dungeon, which is much longer and more annoying than the first one, but actually contains a puzzle or two which I can talk about. Until then, here's a taste of what the upcoming dungeon has to offer:

Thanks for reading, everyone!