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Part 13: Cowboy - Update # 4 - Sunset deals with a bully

*Dusts the cobwebs away* Bah, anyway onward to the next part.

Western Frontier: Guns or Toys?

When we last left Sunset, a total of 7 people greeted him in the bar. Unknown to him, a wanted sign was placed inside of this bar not too long ago. Are these a bunch of Bounty Hunters like Mad Dog was?

But before we do that we need to look at Sunset stats.


Wait a second. The gun that Sunset has is called the Peacemaker. Which would make it the Colt Single Action Army aka Colt Peacekeeper. Which would mean that he is...

NO. Oh Hell no. Him? He's everywhere! No, we are not going any farther than this with You Ocelot.  itsthesamecolorandeverythingfuck 

Anyway Sunset is just a simple character now. He's already at level 9 though. Compared to Ryoma he's tied at speed and only cause of one of his items. Way weaker than Ryoma's 40 Atk. I'm glad we don't have to kill 100 enemies.

Two of the Mexican players march forward, calling out to their partner. Clearly its to tell him to attack us! And those Maracas, they must have a hidden gun or bomb inside of them.

Sunset:(Don't they mean bésame mucho?)

And the two Mexicans drag their 3rd member to the table and...

...What? It's not just me right? He's out numbered seven to one. Not to mention that Barman is right behind the lot. Surely he is planing a daring attack to save his customers.

Again, what.

I can see it now. "Barman this is Commissioner Gordon. We are removing the mug signal because we believe we have found a more non-alcoholic super hero for our city. Plus he is not a cowered in any way shape or form. oranidiotwholeaveshisbarwideopen. Oh by the way the boys at the police station want at lest 50 Tequila's"

Oh finally someone who's after Sunset. Hey maybe it's Mad Dog?

Wait it kind of looks like the sheriff. Then again we haven't seen the sheriff in a while.

?Sheriff?: Ain't seen your mug `round here, stranger. That there's MY seat. So git off it!

I'm sure Sunset just wanted to talk to Mr. Barman. He's my favorite super hero at lest.

Eh? More characters? We only had what, four or so good guys, four or so bad guys and one robot in the ninja story.

???:We don't want anyone who don't pay.

Pure logical arguments like this never work. It's not gonna end well.

And now for the best what the net/fuck/christ line ever in this story. I hate this line but...well just see for your self.

Me >

Both the Purple haired cowboy and brown hair here call out to Annie. Wait purple and now that I look at it, green hair cowboys?


shooting the reins isn`t an anime thing so much as it is just a typical western thing

True but the Green and purple hair has now made this story slowly sneaked into the anime zone. Please don't tell me that the story has some crazy plot explanation at the end as well.


Hey toy guns are safer that real guns. I would make a "but some people still think they are real guns" joke here but I wont. Because they make everything orange now like a version two Zapper Gun.

[Picture removed by the order of KISS and Gene Simmons Lawyers.] Every time I click Preview Reply the image changes to that. Maybe I should have went with Gene Starwind? Because those have to be good lawyers to stop me from using his images before I even post it.

The guitar not the guy.

Let's see, a highs school student who reviews people around his school,  [Comment removed by KISS and Gene Simmons Lawyers] drat it didn't work, A guy who keeps making his bosses angry enough to almost fire him, and a guitar. I would have to say yes, those names are the only things they got going for them.

Time for an other, Run away warning.

Then again seeing as the only brave people in this story so far is Sunset, Mad Dog and Annie, she might be okay.

Then again she might change her mind, run Ann...

Wait i blinked how many pimp slaps was that?

She's still going at it. Ya know I don't think I need to help Annie.

Oh my gawd I haven't seen this much pimp slapping since WWE 1983 when Pimp-D changed Boink the Clown.

Wait what's this? It looks like a little boy is running down the run way. Oh my gawd he just trampled aside Clint tackled head into Anti-Sheriff. The carnage!

Billy? Like Billy the Kid? Okay your right, that was a bad joke.

Oh so that's not the sheriff. Whoops my mistake.

And he throws Billy right into Sunset, causing him to slide across the chairs and onto one of the other chairs or something. Snes sprite limits people. Of course I'm sure the nice man who likes nickle whorehouses will be a kind gentlemen and

Make me lose all hope in humanity.

Hope Revived now.

Yay milk. I like milk. This is a good friend.

Ah milk milk milk. Stronger bones for Sunset! Hey maybe we will gain a level and

Sunset You have permission to return fire.

I'm sure that while Sunset would enjoy a glass of milk, that spineless comment was a bit much Sir. Perhaps we can all just

Sunset you now have permission to KILL!

Sunset:Get Lost.


You know what time it is?

It's battle time.

Pike's going down a big way. A very very big way. Right after a much shorter brake. Stay tuned to the ?final? Episode of, The Wandering.