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Part 50: Caveman - Update # 7 - Heh Heh Heh

Report #7- Heh Heh Heh

So Gori was out by the entrance of the cave. You can go out and level now if you wish. Not that it matters.

Unfortunately, our noble hero is too much of a pansy to hit the wall hard enough for it to explode. I thought you were a caveman, BamBam!

What's that boy? You've got an idea?

If you can't tell from their positions, Gori just hurled BamBam straight into the wall.

Combat stats can go to hell, Gori is truly the man in this relationship.

And I guess you did a good job being a projectile too. Go rescue YOUR GIRLFRIEND now or something.

zaki is just the smuggest guy, i swear

hey, remember when i hit you for over twice your health last update? good times, good times. (he has 322 hp. i remembered.)


As a side note, I like that little looking down sprite Zaki's got going on there. For as much as I riff on his character, I like Zaki as a humor element.

And then Gori also falls down the hole, because I guess he just feels like being a jerk. I mean he could just walk through the bottom door, end up the other side, and solo those five Ku Tribe guys and Zaki. He may be the weakest member of the party, but he's still pretty strong.

I'm not joking about that door thing, by the way. He actually does that later.

that's like five hair flips now

So den dere's anudda dream, mon. Ya just gotta run every which way.

Man Gori just ruins everything don't he

Now we're in some kinda doom pit or something, i don't know

i guess it's beneath the face rock out in the plains or something

by the way there's a face rock in the plains

so there are a bunch of scents in here, and by a bunch I mean three. so there's meaty bones and you tap the space you get the smell from and meaty bone get. skulls are fights.

know what fights mean? combat explanations! everyone loves listening to some genuine spergin', eh?

...actually I could go into a long diatribe about how I actually have Asperger's and the usage of that phrase on this forum kinda baffles me, but I'm not going to because it would be even more obnoxious and boring than combat explanations.

so these Archosaurs, the top one is the male, they like Bite and stuff, and like hit you with their tails or something, the male has 226 HP and the female has 192 HP, they drop Hides and Beast Fangs, single male gives 5 EXP, male and female gives 8 EXP, male and 3 females gives 10.

Also they hit really hard. Like they can do hundreds of damage to BamBam. Watch out I guess.

OH BOY it's CACKLE MOLES. so these guys have 10 HP each, drop Hard Rocks, one gives 1 EXP, 12 of them gives 5. see since there are so many you'd think that Ohh! Ohh! would work flawlessly

but see any move that changes your position negates charging moves, and you see that move there? Heh Heh Heh is a move that does nothing butchange your position and negate Ohh! Ohh! and they use it like all the time

go to hell moles

so this mole has Smug McHairFlip's scent, press A a few times and you bust it open and then you automatically leave the pit.

but wait

how did you come out there, that doesn't even

and you can't go back, so did the door

but wait how

but I


Next Report- The (almost) last hyper-boring combat update!