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Part 51: Caveman - Update # 8 - Still More Fighting, and The Best Day of Gori's Life

Report #8- Still More Fighting, and The Best Day of Gori's Life

I guess Gori can just warp physics or something.

So north of here is like this twisty road. Lotsa new enemies here compadre! In fact, once this update is over there'll only be two more new enemies in the chapter, including the chapter boss! Neat-o.

...That's a name, alright. Phororhacos can use Divebomb, a diagonal attack for about 3 spaces that's similar to Zdogerain, Rend, a basic melee move, Beak, something similar, and I don't know apparently something else. They drop Meaty Bones and Hard Rocks, male has 272 HP, female has 240. This lone encounter with them in it gives 11 EXP.

These guys can Kick the Ground, that little mini-heal-and-buff MiniMammoths had, Headbutt you- doesn't hit diagonals, by the way, Sand Spray, a worse heal, and Horn Charge, diagonals. Hides. 304/288 HP. 7 EXP, 12 for 2 of both, both and 3 Sabretooth Tigers gives 4.

By the way, you can encounter those pig guys whose names escape me earlier in groups of 1 male and 6 females. 7 EXP. Just felt like mentioning.

Why hello, it's the last new random enemy in the chapter! Whoopee! There's a female, they show up sometimes. These guys can pretty much just use Sharp Fangs (i'm sorry what) and Trunk Whip. Also, Crush Underfoot. I've told you guys about those right? Right. I think. They have a lot of HP- Males have 544, Females 480. Like the other big elephant guys earlier, they drop Giant Meaty Bones. This gives 11 EXP, Mammoth and 2 female Sabertooth Tigers gives 11, 2 Female Mammoths and a MiniMammoth gives 12, Female Mammoth and 2 Female Brontotheriums gives 12.

I bet they're nice. The caveman down there does the item combiney thingy, by the way. There's a him in the plains, too. If you need it.

Oh. Wonderful. Great. (Go up the hill.)


...Gori bro you okay there

oh okay good

Well now the path's open!

You may remember that there were a few doors up there past that guy who has been wrecked by the Love Train. Entering any but the rightmost door

oh no whatever shall i do. (it gives 8 exp.)

then an unlimited number of Ku Tribe doofuses leaks through that door until you get out. 1 exp each. just

just go


pictured: live-a-live in a nutshell

talk to gori a few times and this happens

gori then rejoins the party. you are assaulted by the army of gorilla ladies who attempt to block you from leaving the room. leave the room to the right.

In this room, Kiss of Jealousy plays non-stop and you have to bust through every one of the Ku Tribe members in the room, one at a time. It's boring. There are like at least 8 of them.

Except if you don't have Gori. Then there is a grand total of infinite of them. For

some reason. I don't know. Kill them all and Nice Weather, Ain't It comes back on. Exit north.

This is the final room of the chapter. Up there is the boss. There's even special music.

Repeat: We are now able to fight the boss.

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