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Part 63: Knight - Update # 2 - Familiar Sights and Familia Village

Knight Chapter, Part 2
Familiar Sights and Familia Village

Music: Wings That Don't Reach

This will be the music for the entire update, actually.

We enter a forest, and see some signs. In the southwest: Familia Village. In the southeast: Forbidden Land. In the northwest: Hero Mountain. In the northeast: Where we just came from. Let's head to the village first.

Oh. Random Battles.

Straybow's attack that he didn't get to show off. It's about as damaging as Red Bullet; the main difference is that

It hits a wider area and can hit several enemies at a time. Yeah, Red Bullet kind of sucks.

After a few random battles, Orsted learns Plus Link. I'm not going to screenshot it because it looks stupid. It's a bit weaker than Cut One Way, but it targets all enemies 1 square away from Orsted, so it's okay at times.

And here we are.


Going in there just has them gushing over how cool Orsted is. More interesting is to the left, where we see this monk.

What a lovely day...

He's not paying attention, so we should perform casual robbery.

Or just admire stuff, I guess. That's all we can do here, so let's go to Hero Mountain instead.

It's snowy.

These battles will be quite a pain if you haven't grinded up enough. I have not, since I didn't feel like it and I wasn't getting many random encounters while just walking along. You'd think since it's snowy, Red Bullet (a fire attack) would be useful, but it's actually still incredibly weak.

Let this be a lesson to you: Random animals in snowy forests are much, much more threatening than dragnons.


If you encounter this, it's not like you're screwed. You have a number of powerful tactical options at your disposal to survive an encounter like this. I'll outline one below.


Well, after trekking through all that and enduring a bunch of battles I didn't describe, we come upon a cabin.

Oh random encounter, you card

Orsted levelled up at some point. He got this attack. It hits on the diagonals, does a bit more damage than V Shine, and can turn enemies around. So yeah, Cut One Way is now totally useless.

This guy doesn't like talking and just walks inside. But him being there won't be an obstacle to our casual robbery.

Straybow's kind of an idiot, I guess.

Right here I'm less interested in the chest being locked as in Straybow looking incredibly comfortable in someone else's bed, while they're just right there. Our heroes certainly do respect property rights.

: ...

He doesn't even care. There's nothing to do here. Back to Familia!

More techniques learned from levelling up. Single-target, blows ice through enemy to do strong damage.

This one's weaker, covers less range, has a cast time. It's a different element, though?

Also, Orsted learned Sword Wind, which is a ranged attack hitting points along the diagonal 2 and 3 spaces away. It's okay, I guess.

The monk's gone inside.

The warmth of the stove is quite comforting...

I... Are you serious? You just said this, and also you were here looking at this exact one just a short bit ago.


Cue offscreen exposition.

So the demon has come back...

But afterwards, the kingdom had no use for him, and he was soon all but forgotten.
Eventually, he hid himself in the northern mountains, and grew disgruntled...
Just as I did...
Fame corrupts the souls of all but the strongest wills...
That's why I've been living a quiet life here, in this tiny village.

: So then...

That's right...

Uranus is my name.
Though rescuing the Princess is indeed important,
I don't wish to leave Hash as miserable as he is.
If people can't believe in others, then in what CAN they believe...?
I'll go along with you.
I still believe that Hash will change his mind!

So after that long diatribe, we should make our way back up the mountain (again). But first, we should probably check out this guy's moves.

God's Blessing heals people around Uranus. Prayer of Healing is a targeted long-range heal to a single target for a large amount. God's Protection is a close-range counterattack. And Voice of God...

Yeah. And also, enemies not killed may also be paralyzed, because sure.

While climbing, Straybow learns a fire magic skill that isn't total garbage.

Shown here Clipping behind Straybow as a result of layering difficulties.

But enough of that, let's actually enter the cabin.

How long do you intend to brood here?
The Demon has returned!

You've grown weak, Hash.
People are inherently weak, so they have to depend on those stronger than themselves.

Really, Straybow

That's how they grow strong. Fiercely strong...
Let's go, Orsted. The Hero is dead!
This man...

Okay we need to get out

Interrupted by Hash moving.

: Don't get me wrong.
: I'm not doing this for "people" or any crap like that.
: This is just to prove...

I'm sure it will be a familiar sight.

Devil's Peak...
Hash, if this is where...

Hash digs at the snow. Perhaps. The animation is not exactly clear. Apparently he finds something, though, because

The familiar sword of hash's youth is 17 points stronger than his current one and only Hash can equip it. Orsted gets the now redundant Axian Sword as a hand-me-down. And with that resolved, let's head out to fight a demon.