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Part 75: Final Chapter - Update # 5 - It's great to be back!

Update 5 - It's great to be back!

: Well, that was a long trek.

: Eh?

: Feels like it's been months since we left the castle.

: No, I'm pretty sure that was minutes ago.

: As though we were suspended in a limbo of indecision while our fate was determined by more important matters.

: Stop trying to be cute and meta.

: As though copious amounts of writing were finished, and now we're back in action!


: So, whereto now?

: I think I know where my dungeon is.

: Great. We should head over there. Instead of... heading towards the demon king mountain for some reason?

: Oh my God, we're being drawn towards the final boss. How can it be? We're all doomed!
Who's leading this party!?
Oh right, that would be me. Uh, back to work.

: Wait! I think I saw...

: That's...

: A horse!

: My horse. It wants us to follow it!

: Wait a sec. How about we stop following people into what generally turns out to be a disguised death trap?

: When did we ever-

: Let's not start then. Could you make sure it's the right horsey? Call it and see if it responds or something?

: I'd really rather not.

: Oh, you'd rather see us jumped by a bunch of ninja? Or worse, a singular ninja?

: I'm pretty sure I can recognize my own horse! Which is not a monster or anything of the sort!

: Just call it. What harm could it possibly do?

Oh Mr Horsey! Here, Mr Horsey!

: Neeegethehelloverhereiiiiiiiiigh!






: How about we go follow him before we lose the trail completely?

: Oh yeah.
Yeah, my tracking ability may not be qui-

: !


: !!!

: Oh yeah! You've got awesome smelling skills or somesuch. Sorry, when you're not bashing dudes I kinda forget you're there.




: Well, this is another fine mess you've gotten us into. Did you just run off and lead us into your own primitive dungeon?


: No, this is right.

: ???

: For some reason, this is where I'm supposed to be. At a guess, this here chest should hold some trap components for us to-

: So, no trap components. A distinctly non-western dungeon...

: No monsters though. That's one sign that we're in the right place.


: It's because you suck at the whole monster fighting thing. If monsters were here, they'd kill you. So the dungeon is specifically designed for you, to make sure you don't die on the spot. That is the joke.

: Yeah, that's adorable.

: It's funny because it's true.

: What I'm trying to figure out, is how this dungeon relates to

: A bell rings, and the screen grows a tad darker.

: A-ha! A timed dungeon. That makes sense. I figure we have seven more bells before something unpleasant occurs, so we should-

: Make haste, you say? Lucky for you, I'm just the man for the job.
*Insert cartoony whoosh sound effect effect here*

: In the center of the dungeon with time to spare.

: And we have the 44 magnum!

: Definitely the most powerful handgun in this world.

: So, we're off?

: No. We're going to stay right here and show an annoying ninja just how "useless" I am with my ultimate weapon in hand.

: So, this guy...

: Not thematically significant either.

: You sure you don't want to run?

: A bit late for that, I think.

: You want to take these guys out one at a time, and make sure that no character ends his turn near them unless he's unleashing some major hurt. If you can take out one per turn, you're set. Otherwise, you're in for some hurt.

: Time to feel the hurt!

: You're so off the team.

: Hey, I-

: And then Sunset got knocked on his ass the the capable team members finished the fight for him.

: One of the pieces of equipment scattered throughout the dungeons that protect from petrification. Quite useful in certain circumstances.  Such as the final boss. 

: Cool. At least some compensation for going through all that for a guy we're kicking off the team.

: Yeah, I really don't have the patience to babysit Sunset into something manageable. New team vote?