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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 16

On the previous episode of Manhunter: New York:

I'm coming for you!

GET BACK HERE! I'll chase you to the ends of the Earth if I have to, you motherfucker!

And now, the thrilling conclusion...

Manhunters are known for their excellent penmanship.

You'll not get away from me, Phil!

If you know what's good for you, you'll stop running away! You're only making me madder! Hey, where are we anyway? I don't recognize anything. Wait, I'm a Manhunter, I can figure this out. Let's see, outside temperature 50, I mean 10 degrees. (Orbs made us convert to metric)

A prison on an island in the middle of a garbage strewn bay? Strange fishy smell in the air? Overcast sky...

Some kind of orange bridge...

Hippie vans?

Yup, it's San Francisco all right. All we're missing is a gay stereotype and a cable car to complete the series.

Oh Phil, you'll never learn. You think flying between buildings is going to prove a challenge? I didn't learn to fly Orb ships yesterday.

I learned today.

And with that giant explosion, our plucky hero was killed. Phil escaped, and continued his murderous spree.

Look how happy he is.

Phil lands his ship in this obviously Orb-controlled building, and the game begins. In the previous Manhunter game we had to track down Orb suspects to save them from Phil and eventually save New York. In this game we also track down people... kill them. That's right. We get to play AS Phil this time! It's going to be awesome.

Or it would if that's what actually happened. Instead, we're stuck with this same loser.

Ayeeayeeaye...Got to collect my thoughts. Looks like I made down relatively intact! And with no injuries to the native San Franciscans!

Well shit. Hopefully he was no one important.

Sorry Pete, but I've seen the light. I no longer serve the Orbs. I serve humanity, and I will find Phil and save every city from the Orbs.

Hope you don't mind if I take your MAD. I left mine in New York.

You live on Lombard street, huh? Hope you don't mind if I crash there, I'm going to need a place to stay. Plus, I doubt you'll be needing it any longer.

Wait, those houses are freaking expensive. How'd he afford THAT on a Manhunter's salary?

Before I go there, I should look at who he was tracking. I can assume the tracker is following more Resistance members. Maybe I can catch up to them and see how I can help out.

Two targets enter the building beside the bank.

Tracking is lost when they enter the bank through a side door. A third person is seen outside.

There's a fight outside. The third person stops moving here, and the two main suspects run off.

They head to a warehouse where they split up. Suspect one leaves.

Heads to the Ferry Building.

And to this cabinet, or desk, or whatever.

Finally, over to this fountain and into that tube where tracking ends.

Going back and tagging the second suspects shows them entering the warehouse before leaving.

They head to this pier, and into that sewer pipe on the left where tracking is lost.

That's a good place to start! I landed centrally, so it'll be a bit of a walk.

Let's see what's in this bank.

Bank's closed (typical) but the side building the suspects entered is still open.

Hey, this wasn't a side door the suspects entered, that's a tunnel!

Am I following a group of bank robbers? That's bad news as I doubt they'd be connected with the Resistance. I might be doing Peter's boring manhunting work instead of something useful. That's not good.

An empty safe, this must have been some kind of robbery. Was it just money, or was there something more important in that safe? And who's that body?

Man, you guys weren't kidding when you said the Asians were yellow. There's nothing in the room aside from two scraps of paper.

The first does not fill me with confidence. I've never played this, and have no idea what's coming, so this may be the start of a really crappy puzzle. Or series of crappy puzzles. I WILL NOT use a walkthrough, so I'll be needed the help of goons. When the times come, please don't use a walkthrough, or if you've played before and know the solution, don't spoil it. Let's all solve the puzzles that I can't solve, together!




Maybe I was a bit harsh up there, this game might be awesome. Keeping the name "Noah G" in in mind. I hope I don't run into a lot of puzzles where a person's name is semi-obscured by some faggotry of one type or another. Don't need another one of those puzzles.

Let's see what the Manhunter finds outside...


I know we let this shit fly in New York, but I thought other cities had the decency to clean up recently deceased bodies off their streets.

This guy doesn't look like he was in a fight. Looks like he was mauled. There's even a tooth still in his wound.

Have I stumbled across the fabled Manbearpigmonkeymutantman already?

There's also a laundry receipt nearby. I'll bet this guy's clothes are FULL of clues. I'll keep this for later.

There's also a tattoo on his hand.

Off to the warehouse!

Poopsicles. What the hell's wrong with this game? God damn.

Hmm...There's a clump of hair here, and I can hear something moving around behind those boxes. I know the second suspect was in here for something, so let's see what I can find.

Wha......OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NO! Stealth mini-game ahoy. At least I'll get a cool death scene if I get caught, right?

No I don't. Fuck your mini-games, Manhunter.

So we make it through that stupidness, and gather everything not nailed down. Like that mallet!

Which has a fish on the bottom for some reason. Finally, there's some writing on the desk.

Manhunter am confused. Manbearpigmonkeymutantman got hurt? Try remember names Zac and Mic. Mick maybe? Me move on.

Yeah, the game makes us do this again.

Hey, this is the building I saw Phil land in!

I can't get in, but there's a poster on the wall I can read.

What's a viewer? If it's something the Orbs want, they'd probably let me inside to return it. Maybe then I can dick around in this building? Moving on.

What the hell is this? The last time I saw this much steel randomly welded together that claimed to be art I was back in college. I'll have to go in the fountain to follow the suspect.

Whoa! I'm going down!

Welcome to our second stupid mini-game! You have to orbit around the drain, and hit enter to pump yourself up to a higher orbit. You want to get to the tunnel, but it's harder than it sounds.

Oh HELL NO, I am not dealing with this shit right now. Manhunter, go to one of the other locations.


Because I said so, and I control you.

Who are you anyway? Are you the one who told me what Phil's last name was? Because that made no sense.

Yeah that was me.

Are you...God?

Pretty much. Now do what I say.

Okay, I guess I can go to the pier now.

When a mysterious voice in your head says walk across the city, you do it!

Well here's the pier. Nothing here really.

They're transporting medical supplies. What do they need that for?

I could go down to the beach and follow the second suspect, but I think God forgot that that was where the suspect went.

I kind of want to go see how swanky my new house on Lombard is since I'm nearby.

Sweet! It's my "Full House" fantasy come to life, and I'm the Bob Saget!

The view is stunning!

The way the toxic gases reflect the sunlight is inspiring. And look at the random crap falling out of what I assume is the Transamerica building! The big pointy building has a huge pile of...something...building up at it's base. It looks like some kind of biomass, consuming the buildings.

What IS that stuff?

Let's see what Peter has in his drawers.

"Rub the jewel of Heaven"? I've never heard that euphemism before.

Hey God? There's only one place I haven't been that you remembered I could go to. LET'S DO IT!

So ten minutes and many saves later I fight my way through this corridor. It sucks because sometimes bats and rats come at the same time, which you can't defend against. Then you get near the end but the enemies KEEP SPAWNING so you instantly die with no chance to defend.

But I make it eventually.

The reward for beating that horrible mini-game is pretty cool. "Me be man again someday" is kind of cool and melancholy when it's coming from this guy:

If this game has a large number of Manbearpigmonkeymutantmen yearning to be human again, it redeems all the mini-games I had to suffer through on this update. Pretty cool.

This might be the medicine on the docks from earlier. But it looks like it killed this guy, so what's the deal?

Remember what I said about names obscured by faggotry? Yeah. I think this is the license of the mutant, and getting his name will give me his home address. Something which should be on his driver's license anyway.

I forgot all about the tunnel on the pier, so I'll do that next time. Or rather, WE'LL do that next time.

Yes sir!