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Manhunter: New York & San Fransisco

by GuavaMoment

Part 18: Past the Buddha Statue

Well it took me a week, but I think I know what "Bat Vomit" on the door means! It's a name, but it's backwards because I'm looking at the wrong side of the door!

It's hard to tell, but Tad may have been one of the two Asian bodies I found yesterday. I have no other leads, so I should check out his apartment. He must have been killed for some reason!

Mr. Vomit lives in a...wholesome neighborhood...

At first glance I don't see anything...

...except those ominous eyes in the fireplace.

OH! It's a doggie!

Here, boy! C'mere! Good boy!

And thus, before I could get all the cursors out of the way, our Manhunter is mauled to death in a brutal, gory fashion.

Well he would have been if more than three people worked on this game. Instead he's pushed outside. And just when we think we're stuck again, the MAD computer springs to life.

I only know one of the two mutant's names, that being the deceased Mic Stone. The sun's going down, so I should head to my new home. I hope the previous owner had a comfy king-sized bed.

Oh sweet hammock! Ah, this is the life! Sleepytime.



Must the Orbs always wake me up like this? Good thing this Orb doesn't recognize that I'm not Peter Brown. I guess we all look the same to them.

I have no other leads on the Resistance and the location of Phil, so I should still try and do Peter's job until an opportunity arrives.

Two targets on the tracker. They head to the guy on the boat.

A fight!

The two targets split up. I'll follow the first trail until it ends, then follow the second suspect.

Target One heads to this temple, and this pillar here.

Where they still are? That's odd. Well, let's head to that boat now.

Boat's still seaworthy, but it looks like that guy who got into a fight didn't fare too well.

I think this is the other mutant I tracked yesterday! If there are a lot of mutants in San Francisco, I could use this muzzle to protect myself from them. Well, just one of them. Assuming I can get it on one before I get mauled to death.

This confirms it.

This IS the other mutant from yesterday.

But who would kill him? To the Temple to find out!

I don't see anyone around. I thought the suspect stopped here? Or is there yet another secret underground tunnel by that pillar? Maybe the suspect is simply invisible.



Fortunately for Manhunter, this is a Buddhist Temple, and he can simply reincarnate back into existence.

Ahh, what happened? Why do I have such a splitting headache?

Whoa, floating Buddha statue! I wonder what mysteries await inside?