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Part 22: Some things missed on Day 2

Hey, this weird. I was just sent a private message by Psion that's very odd. He sounded really angry about something. What do you guys think this is all about?

Psion posted:


The Orbs created us, and dumped us! They have a cure for our mutations, but refuse to give them to us! But now we finally have something they desperately need - The Viewer! Without the Viewer they cannot track their slaves working underground. We will ransom this item for the cure!

Nothing and no one can stop us!


: Excellent.

: I'll be taking the Viewer now. And also this...

: I've been waiting so long for a moment like this...


: NOW LISTEN UP MOTHERFUCKERS! Things are going to change! First off, STOP CHANGING MY AVATARS, SERIOUSLY. I'm SICK TO DEATH of all this talk about me behind my back like I'm not even here! NO MORE. Second - YOU ALL WILL WORSHIP ME AS A GOD. It doesn't matter if I'm merely a man, a machine, or a global mass of slime, YOU WILL DO MY BIDDING! Now go forth my minions, and find me that Manhunter. I have...unfinished business with him.