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Part 5: Mission 5: Defending the Farms

"Hello MechWarriors."

"Hello Commander."
"What's the word?"

"First, the good news. Mystique and Beast are both recovering well, and should be back in the saddle in time for our next mission. But not this one, I'm afraid."

”At least they'll be alright. I suppose this means we've got a mission?”

”Yes, but first, I want to introduce your new lancemate. He's been assigned to us due to being under strength. Lynx, Hunter, Hawk. Meet Hitman.”

”Hello Hitman, I'm Lance Commander Lynx.”
”And I'm Hawk, EW.”
”Thank you for having me. We've heard about the... blunder Intel put you into back at Battalion, and you have our sympathies. Running us through the grinder for their black ops has soured their relations with us.”

”Thank you Hitman. Now, I'll proceed with the briefing.”

”What the hell?”

”The local resistance has decided that the heat being put on them by the Smoke Jaguars has become too much, and they've requested extraction to our secure areas.”

”Doesn't sound too bad.”
”Yeah, what's the catch boss?”

”They sent their message unencoded and in the open. From behind Jaguar lines.”

”We're walking into a trap.”

”Not quite. Battalion has made a minelayer available for this mission. We can get to their 'safe' houses before the Smoke Jaguars, and turn it into a death trap.”

“I see deployments for Force 1 and Force 2 by the locations, but what's with Force 3?”

”Lynx, your Timber Wolf is being fitted for independent ops. You'll drop at F3, move to secure that hill to your north and either run interference or if you find yourself swamped, run a fighting retreat back to the rest of the team.”

”You hate me.”

”No, you're just the best man for the job. In addition, due to the location and time frame, we're really short on indirect fire support.”

”So, what sort of opposition are we facing?”

”The Smoke Jaguars are throwing everything they can spare into this, they want the resistance dead. I've heard mumblings from Intel that any Bondsman that succeeds gets Bloodnamed, but I think that's a bit out-there.”

”Because of the close-quarters, and expected Mech opposition, Battalion gave me a Hunchback to roll with.”
”Wait, you mean the -4G?”
”Yep, say hello to my beautiful AC/20.”

”Welcome back MechWarriors. There are a lot of people who want to thank you.”

”As long as they're alright. I know some of the buildings were under fire there.”
”The resistance was under the buildings. Apparently there was a large set of catacombs under those farms to take refuge in.”

”Be that as it may, we've done well. Two Ullers were salvaged, and added to our inventory. Hitman's headshot was a thing of beauty, and so apparently Battalion has started a competition. We're on the leaderboard.”

”A little bit of competition never hurt anyone.”
”As long as we don't lose sight of our real goal.”

”I agree. Well Hitman, the orders came through, you and your 'Mech are assigned to our Lance permanently. Welcome to Zulu.

”Good to be here. I just hope your future missions go just as awesomely. And I get to be here for it!”


Sorry for the short writeup today guys, I was under a time crunch due to schoolwork and whatnot. And I was just hating this mission and wanted to get it over with. Next mission ends the operation.


For this round, I won't ask for specifics. But if you want to run numbers to do so, go right a head. We have a Commando-A, two Commando-W's, two Uller-Ws, a Firestarter-W, a Raven-W, a Hunchback-A and a Mad Cat-A. The only Jump-Mech I have at the moment is a Commando-J, so if you want, I can buy a couple. Our next Mission has a limit of 300t, and 8 Mechs.

I would like for you guys to choose how I'll kit out my 'Mechs, be it specifics like "Put all Small Lasers on the Timby" to general ones like "Make the Firestarter live upto its name". I'll handle the pilots, so don't worry about that until I put up the proper update for that.

So, give me your requests and ideas!