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Original Thread: Prepare for Combat! Let's Play MechCommander Gold!



MechCommander Gold was released in 1999 by Microsoft and FASA – the same creative team that created Crimson Skies, and is part of the ever-growing BattleTech universe. MechCommander Gold (abbreviated MCX) was the first attempt to bring the system into the realm of Real Time Strategy games. However, it terms of RTS', it comes far closer to the likes of Myth than of C&C. There are no bases, just objectives, and you do all your prepwork before the mission.

Hey, it's almost like real life!

Except real life doesn't have 25-100t war machines stomping around and shooting each other.

What is the story behind MechCommander?
The initial campaign is set starting 20 May 3059, and chronicles the Battle of Port Arthur, one of the initial targets of Operation Bird Dog, which is in of itself part of the larger Operation Bulldog and the Great Refusal. The united forces of the Inner Sphere, the Star League, led by Prince Victor Davion, launch a two-pronged attack on the invading Clan Smoke Jaguar to drive them out of the Draconis Combine and to make an example of them so that the rest of the Clans will think long and hard before trying to invade again.

tl;dr, WTF?
*sigh* The Clans are Nazi Mongols. The Inner Sphere are the Allies. Welcome to Juno Beach. I'll take up deadspace in the videos with history lessons explaining how we got here.

So, who are we, exactly?
Zulu Company, 1st Davion Guards. Our initial detachment of Mechs are light scouts, nothing heavier (But that will change, oh yes it will...). I am taking the place of a behind the lines Commander, using state of the art technology to direct the battle without actually being in the battle. It's a little rough around the edges, but I'm sure my MechWarriors are up to the task.

An RTS with BattleMechs. Is it any good?
Well, I think so! Otherwise I wouldn't LP it! It's very solid, with good variety in terms of objectives (for the most part), opposition and customization. Don't worry fellow goons - I will solicit Mech Designs later on. For now though, I will be playing on Easy, as the harder difficulties are just false – the enemies just get better than my guys a whole lot faster. No actuall difference in the enemy Mechs or loadouts.

Spoiler Policy
Due to the age of the game, I will allow unlimited spoiler discussion as long as it stays behind the spoiler tags.

That's enough talk, now for the LP!

Table of Contents

Operation 1: Beachhead
Operation 2: Skyhook
Operation 3: Vanguard
Operation 4: Linchpin
Operation 5: Cutthroat
Operation X: Cermak
Bonus / Solitare Missions
BattleMech TRO's

Everyone give thanks to Paingod556 for providing images for the Mechs in the above TROs.

Lynx's transcription of this interview with Denny Thorley about MechCommander.

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