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by berryjon

Part 28: Mission 2: Finishing what other people started

“Well done, Commander”
“Why the hell were my guys there? It's not like the Captain needed my help getting out.”
“Insurance, mostly. You being there meant that he was less likely to go back into Clan territory.”
“So now what?”
“We have tracked down the rest of the Binary that attacked him. Two Mad Dogs have already been put down, but the rest of them have been traced to this area.”

“Your command has been assigned to assault and finish them off. Letting them get back to the Star Port will make your job harder.”
“I see a lot of water. I'll bring a lance of Jump Mechs.”
“That might not be necessary. The water is at an ebb, and there should be passable shallows for your Mechs to cross.”
“Be that as it may, I'll still be carfeul.
“Good luck. There are reinforcements inbound and they should be able to rescue the Clanners about 15 minutes after you arrive.”
“Oh gee, no pressure.