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Part 14: Mission 1: Accelerating Ambulances

"Hello Gamma Lance."

"Hello Commander. Ready for the mission?"
, , "We're ready."

"Alright, I'll make this short and sweet then. Yankee's in a bad way, and we need to ship critical medical supplies from Zulu's MASH to Yankee, picking up supplies from local hospitals along the way."

"Sounds like a milk run sir."

"It isn't. The Smoke Jaguars have been hitting our relief convoys, so you're being assigned escort on this particular convoy. Five Ambulances are carrying critical supplies and must get through to the firebase. There is an active Smoke Jaguar presence, and they're not in the mood to play nice."

"The Ambulances are to follow the yellow line, and you are to scout ahead and remove all hostile forces from the line before they can engage the convoy."
"It doesn't seem like the Clanners to do that sort of thing. What's up?"
"Oh, it's because Yankee didn't have the good sense to die in their Mechs like real MechWarriors, so they'll have to finish the job this way."
"That's sick."
"Crazy fucken Clanners. Live Fast, Die Young. They ain't seein' the advantages in living a long time, getting experience and cunning."

"As an ancient general once said – 'It's not your job to die for your cause. It's your job to make the other guy die for his.' I think we've been trying to teach the Clans that lesson for a decade, and they just haven't learned. So go out and teach them, why don't you?"

, , , "Yes Sir!"

"argh. Glad we're at the hospital already."
"We're all pretty shot up. Clanners wanted that convoy dead."
"Hidden turrets, Elementals hiding in the trees. Damn, they're loosing their touch. Whatever happened to Batchalls anyways?"
"Smokes threw those rules out the window where the Inner Sphere and the Star League are concerned."
"Hey, Gunman, I got a question."
"You served with Kell's Hounds, right? Before joining up with the Davion Guard?"
"Do you have a Phantom Mech?"