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Part 15: Mission 2: Awesome Ambush, dude!

"Hello MechWarriors. Have you reached Nav Eta yet?"

"Not yet, Commander. Rebel got lost."
"Cool it ladies. Don't make me come down there."

"I hear ya. But it doesn't matter, we're onsite."

"Good. Now listen up, Rebel's lance ambushed a Star of Clan Assaults and Heavies earlier, and we need to finish the job. Rebel, brief them on the opposition."

"At 09:27, my Lance of Mediums engaged what we thought was a recon force sent out from Affendale by the Smoke Jaguars. Once we broke into the ambush, we found ourselves facing down the Bondsman Major Piotrev, and his personal command Star. It consists of his Awesome, and four JagerMechs. We managed to damage them before being forced to retreat, and I have since been shadowing them as they headed for this base."

"Ah, did I hear that right? An Awesome?"
"Sounds like my new ride. What's the plan, Commander?"

"We're a few minutes ahead of the Bondsman, so we'll need to make them count. Skater, your lance will head for Objective Three, a power-generator that not only supplies the base, but also the local county. You'll need to make youre way there, and wait for Mystique's signal. She will be heading for the Base directly. Once she's in position, you'll need to destroy the generator to allow Mystique's lance to get into the base and engage the defenders without their static weapons to help. You'll need to move quickly as the base has a smaller generator inside that will quickly shunt into place.

"Then we just wait for the Major to show up, and give him a face full of his own guns."

"Correct. However, we can't hold this position, so once the enemy is dispatched, take whatever you have left and kill off the Manufacturing plants inside the base. That'll deny the Smokes more of their resources, and every little bit helps.

"Find Skater!"
"His pod's beacon has been located. I'm giving you the coordinates now, dispatching a recovery team. They'll get you all at once."
"I don't feel right leaving an intact base like this behind."
"We broke it once, we can do it again."
"You can count on that."