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by berryjon

Part 16: Mission 3: Convoy Crushers

"Lynx reporting. In position."
"This is Rooster. At Nav Zeta."
"What's the sitrep Commander?"

"The Smoke Jaguars are moving a massive supply convoy through the area. There's no way we can secure everything, so you'll need to blow up everything you can't bring back with you. Clan forces are sighted coming into the engagement zone from the East, with exit points to the North and South. Lynx, you need to break up the convoy, do what damage you can. Hunter, Rooster, Outlaw, you'll need to secure the Northern Clan firebase to intercept that portion of the convoy.

"What about the South?"

"We don't have the "Mechs to hit it at the same time, so you'll have to make due as best you can. If you can leave things with Rooster and Outlaw, meet up with Lynx, and destroy what you can."

"This isn't going to be an easy mission, will it?"

"Good job on those targets, Commander. We have two more for you to hit before Affendale. Make them count."
"Here's the damage reports, Sir."
"Thank you."
"How much are you willing to lose on this drive, Colonel?"
"Reinforcements a week out, we need to keep fighting, can't just sit back and defend."
"And if things get hard in the taking of Affendale?"
"Then we'll just have to see."