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Mega Man 4

by Raar_Im_A_Dinosaur and GuavaMoment

Part 1

Hey looks like you guys are being nice this time by giving me an easy boss...

Hmm...funny I don't remember his stage that well...

Oh nice, looks like he's an emofag because he's fat and likes to walk in the rain being saaaad

Uhh...yeah...I know the first thing that comes to mind when I think Sewers is flying penguins. Yep...not weird at all

Awww how'll poke you wit its widdle umbwella! You know I think there's a single company that these robots outsource for their gay robot division. I mean you'll find a bunch of cool robots and then every once in a while...umbrella bot. Ugh

Some say the Mega Buster broke the game because it rocks so fucking hard. I tend to agree...but you know what? I love the powerglove...I mean Mega Buster.

Oh good I'm finally out of the rain. You can't tell with pictures, but the rainy part constantly pushes you back cuz its really windy. It made the platform jumping part a fucking bitch. God why does every game need to have some implement that pushes you back.

Let's Play Threads are frequently filled with game overanalysis, such as noting the fact that for some reason Robot Masters need to pick form over function all the time just to be cool. Oh hey I have a sewer level so I need giant rat bots. Oh a simple, better armed robot would be able to better navigate the constant current down there and easily outgun Mega Man? That's nice, fuck you I want a rat bot.

And How bout this...why is this creepy robot covered in goo? It's a robot, why would it produce goo. You could have picked a rocket launcher but instead you want a goo pump that serves no function. Sorry I'm just venting because I HATE FUCKING CONVEYER BELT SECTIONS.

Oh look, Mega Man fell into the hole because the current fucked with his jump. Well, he's dead guys, thread's over. See ya later, its been fun.


Oh fine


OH JESUS CHRIST! Some things are never meant to be that large.

Man that took a huge chunk of life outta me...

Oh COME ON! Oh hey man, I don't think a giant bomb slinging snail is hard enough...lets make you have to fight to not fall to your doom as well. Yeah. I think that'll work.

Oh thanks for being nice and picking Toad Man guys! bastards saw this coming. Well take THAT you fuckin goons.

Does this level seem really long to you guys?

Oh what the hell...I can't jump to those, what the crap am I supposed to...ohhhh

and here we that sucked...

Toad Man Fight / Backup

alright goons, whose up next?