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Part 28

Wily's Castle 1

We're off!

These things are in every Mega Man. They're called Mets (or Metools, depending on who you ask).



A dead end? Must still go forward...

Weeeeeee again!


It's OK, I can do this.


I can make it!

No I can't!

I use Rush Marine to navigate that death trap.

And plow straight into a spike. Dammit!

One more time.


Oh good! This is easy. A room with nothing in it but one enemy? Piece of cake.


I miss! Albert puts on his rape-face.

This time I make it. to you too, Al.


Just before the boss door, we encounter an unusual Met. It's not his features that are unusual, no, this Met was made from the same lot of titanium as his thousands of brothers. He was manufactured in the same factory in China. The only physical difference this Met possesses is a small identification code stamp on the inside of his helmet. That stamp read MET-035824C.

MET-035824C was programmed completely identical to his brothers.
10 crouch20 stand up30 shoot three-way shot40 goto 10
The only difference between MET-035824C and his brothers was one thing. Some say he had developed bad RAM sectors. Others believed that he was accidentally exposed to a high-strength EM field causing havoc in his circuits. But a small few thought that maybe, just maybe MET-035824C had a soul. You see, all MET-035824C ever wanted to do...

was dance. Specifically, figure skating.

MET-035824C dreamt (if you could call them dreams) about one day being a world famous pairs skater. He could tell no one of this dream for fear that he would be reprogrammed to be the ineffective killing machine he was originally designed for. Every spare moment of processor time was spent in this fantasy. MET-035824C was so afraid of having his secret discovered that he frequently skipped out on routine maintenance. During one of these times MET-035824C snuck away to personally witness a performance by his idol.

The memory of this event is stored as 1's and 0's in his memory banks. To a humans, these numbers look like random data. To MET-035824C, this was the most beatiful number sequence he had ever seen. If he had been equipped so, he would have cried tears of joy.

MegaMan sensed something unusual about this Met. Something about him just said "friend". The dancing was mesmorizing. MegaMan couldn't help it; he equipped his dancing suit.

Could it be? Could MET-035824C have found his kindred spirit? One with whom he could reveal all his wants and desires?

Boss time!

For completeness sake, the commentless level video. / Backup

Behind the door we find...Wily?!?!

Fade to black. Okay METyrant, just you and me now.


Ha! That was easy! Thanks for letting me use Pharoah Shot guys!

Wait a minute...


You're going to mutate into a horrible pulsating gigantic version of yourself now, aren't you?

Balls. / Backup

Featuring secret option!